8 Ball Pool Tips & Tricks 2023 (Latest Strategies)

As we know that 8 Ball Pool was released in 2010 as a Virtual Pool game. And it is a multiplayer game with objectives. Its objective was simply to make a simple, clear game for everyone so that everyone is able to play right when anyone uses to play. And the situation is created when the server gets crashed on the first day itself due to a large number of users. This shows the craze of the 8 Ball Pool among the people.

The game became even more accessible and huge when it launched on the Mobile platform. They started growing in popularity and as well as in the number of users. Many people just get stuck to this game because of its simplicity many users just play the game at a beginner level they didn’t even try many major things to become the best in-game.

So here are you in this article we gonna give some useful tips and tricks so that if you are a beginner then you get your start better. So you don’t have to do anything just stick to this article and get knowledge.

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Tips and Tricks of 8 Ball Pool 2021

1. Common Fouls in-game

Fouls resulting in the ‘Ball in hand’ of the opponent

  • Cue hitting the opponent’s ball.
  • Cue the ball not hitting the ball off your side.
  • At a higher level, there is an option to choose the pocket where you have to shoot your ball. In this case, if potting your own ball in any other’s pocket then it is foul.
  • Running out of given time would result in giving up the pass to the opponent.
  • Cue ball or the object ball not sticking the rail around the edge of the table.

Potting The 8 Ball

  • Potting the 8 Ball before completing your objective balls(solid/strips).
  • Potting the 8 Ball in the opponent’s pocket(In some tiers).

These are some common Fouls that must be avoided by you in-game. Above discussed fouls contain some rules but this is important to mention this because this will cause you to lose the game. And this is important because in this game if your opponent is experienced and knows tips and tricks so he/she can able to complete his game with just one pass. So, giving the ball to the opponent would cost terribly.

To know more information about which mode has what specific rules then in this above image you can see that ‘i’ button so go through that rule by your game.

2. Choose the right Game Mode/Level

At the beginning of the game, the player starts with the London table, and then as per your experience in the game, the other table gets unlocked within the player Level/Experience. The higher-level table offers you more rewards and more experience because, at the higher table player, your opponent is also experienced as you are aware that you may be lost the game. And as the Level increases the rule becomes more stringent, like choosing a pocket in which you would pot your every ball.

Also, the fact is that when you play the game at a higher level you should more invest in-game Points/Coins in return you will get rewarded with almost double or more rewards. So, choose your game mode wisely, and go for higher only when you are confident of winning.

3. To Play in a Higher Tier Need More Coins

As per the game option to play at the higher need more coins. As result, if you play in a higher tier and if you win the match you are rewarded with more coins because you compete among experienced players. So to play in the higher tier need more coins, to collect more coins you have to play at a lower level.

There is an option that you can able to request friends for free coins and also can donate coins to your friend. And the coin which you donate is isnt from your account, it is free. This feature is only available for the people who were signing in through Facebook. You can send and receive from your Facebook friends per day.

4. Use the Spins

Spin is a very useful feature in this game, it is the way to land up/move the cue ball in the desired direction. Spin is the thing/Key to being an amazing player. If you are an experienced player then you definitely knew about this. To be honest, higher-tier players use this feature for their better shots, and it is very difficult to win, without positioning and controlling the cue ball.

For example, you noticed that while taking a shot to a ball which is near to the pocket then you have that while taking a shot the ball gets into the pocket but there is always a chance of the cue ball getting into the pocket also (This happens in the majority of the time). But if change the spin settings to backward spin then you see that after taking the shot the cue ball comes backwards.

To use spin, click the top right corner of a white ball on the screen, and place the red dot accordingly, to have the desired spin/movement of the ball.

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5. Have Better Cues and Get Your Skill Right.

If you know and need to know that cues with different powers and different features, purchasing a new cue will make you better at winning. Every player needs practice so if you purchase a needed cue then you have to practice in that cue. So at first, you get the beginner cue then after getting the legendary cue you will feel a different performance.

So it is very important to choose and purchase the perfect cue as per its performance and power. Better cues have better force, better aim lines, and better spin features. Practice in small or play in the lower tier to get used to cues.

6. Get Better at Aiming

In the beginning, the default cue which is provided by the game has fewer aiming lines from the target ball. This makes little difficult for the player to target r=the the ball and put the ball in the pocket. A simple cheat/trick is that you can take a straight piece of paper that you can take aim at while putting that thin paper cutting to your screen. But beware that you have a limited time so try to do this in less time.

7. Play Mini Games Regularly and Complete New Mission

There is an option in the game of minigames, these mini-games are also beneficial to the player. Because while playing these mini-games players get rewarded by Lucky Shot or Spin the wheel gives you better rewards and cue pieces which are helpful in the long run.

And also this is to inform you that you should focus on opening the reward boxes regularly. If you don’t then do, the reward boxes would fill up the slots, and when you better box there will be no slot in-store list.

8. Create / Join a Club

In a club, you can able to practice with your friends to get more use to with game and increase efficiency. Moreover, clubs allow members to request gifts from other players, which include a nice pack of XP and coins.

To join the club go to the top left corner of your homepage on your screen.

Joining the club will help you to reach top-level clubs. There is a leaderboard of clubs in this game so that you reach the top leaderboard at a country level and World Leaderboard. At the higher level of the club, you can get higher rewards also.


In this article, we have discussed the tips and tricks of an 8-ball pool. Being a huge fan of Miniclip games, I am playing this game for the recent few years so I have some experience and deliver this experience to you with the help of this article. We hope with this 8 Ball pool guide, we hope you get to enjoy the true essence of the game.

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