ABA Private Server Codes April 2024 [Working]

What are the latest ABA Private Server Codes in 2022? Don’t worry at all! I am here to solve all your problems. So, firstly, let us know What are private servers?

Anime Battle Arena or ABA is a popular Roblox game. In this game, the players can choose the characters from much popular anime series such as Dragon Ball-Z, Bleach, One Piece and Naruto, and loads of options to select from. To play this game nicely, the players must have a strategic plan laid out before them.

They need to compete with various other levels of players. Every character in this game is pretty unique in their own way and you have to make them reach their full potential in their respective ways! So, the most popular query in this situation remains

What is an ABA Private Server?

Private Servers are game passes that you can purchase for 600 Robux. They are one of the many minor gaming modes in Anime Battle Arena. Using these servers aids a player in increasing his or her gaming skills. Private Servers can be accessed even if a player does not own the game past himself/herself. So, Private Servers do not grant gold or exp.

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ABA Private Server Codes

I will provide you with a list of Active ABA Private Server Codes in a few moments. So, please stay tuned for the Code List.

Newest Active Code List

The following is the Active Code List for the 2024:

  • LkLgaG
  • ggR18T
  • xxJzfJ
  • Jv1fc6
  • kLzHhK
  • 2Z4cYX
  • 63gdKY
  • LJ5Gdg
  • bj39L4
  • 21ZhYf
  • R9R5lj
  • iibikY
  • ZQb3H6
  • iiRQHd
  • f2df3k
  • 7LkJb7
  • g4L6iK
  • dJ5RiQ
  • 2Q6ZI7
  • IY94fK
  • hlybie
  • J59eTb
  • QILg1c
  • 55RyQ4
  • aYvJQ9
  • 66J94G
  • HzHil
  • 4Tvkid
  • XH7y6G
  • 1QJlhT
  • 9a6584
  • 1TkLJX
  • jIly5X
  • 4ivhhf
  • 9gG5vh

Warning – These Codes might expire any time soon. So, redeem them at the earliest to make the best use of them. A second warning ensures that these codes are very case-sensitive and might not work perfectly if not copied and paste in the same way as given above! Follow these rules and you will be good to go!

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How to Use these ABA Private Server Codes

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to get access to your very own Private Server :

  • The Players must first open the game. Then, they can press the “Private Server” option on the main menu.
  • Subsequently, once the player clicks on it, he will be asked for a Private Server Code. After entering the Server Code, players can press “Join” to go to the Private Server.
  • In any scenario, if a player’s buddy has a Private Server and they are currently in it, their name will come up in the middle. Subsequently, the players can click on it and they will be taken to their server. On the other hand, if a player owns a server, their name will be displayed and they will be able to join without entering any required code.
  • Players that currently own a game pass can create their own code by clicking on the “Create” option.

Where to Get More Anime Battle Arena codes?

The Latest Codes are released by the game developers on specific milestones, occasions, festivals and sometimes as a gesture of thanks. So, one must be highly alert as these codes can be released or can expire at any time. You can find ABA Private Server Latest Codes in the links given below:

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