ACNH Island Design Ideas in March 2024

The Animal Crossing: New Horizon game is where players can show their creativity by building islands. And in its new update, the game has come up with thousands of island items that players can use to build their islands.

There are so many different kinds of items for incredible creation. However, with such items, players can be a little confused regarding the ACNH island ideas. So, to help you with that, we have come up with some amazing island ideas. Be it indoor or outdoor we have covered everything as per the different tastes of different players.

Outdoor Breakfast

If you are a nature person, then breakfast by the riverside will be one of the best ACNH island ideas for you. Select a beautiful spot by the side of a river. Under a tree set the breakfast table with lots of fruits, veggies, muffins, waffles, pancakes, and sandwiches on it.

You can also make a swing from a tree for a playful look. If you are a fruit person then simply pluck fresh fruits from the trees around you. Select the table and chair as per your taste because there are many options available in the in-game store. So, enjoy the outdoor breakfast with your friends and neighbours in the game.

A Cozy Library

For the bookworm players, an outdoor library will be perfect. The library will include so many books surrounded by study tables. What you can do is select a place outdoors or indoors and bring books of your choice. Decorate the place with bookshelves. There are many incredible bookshelves that will heighten the look of your island. It will not only look aesthetic but also attractive.

Fairy Forest

fairy forest
fairy forest

If you are fond of fairies and want a magical enchanted forest full of fairies, then you can build a fairy forest. You can grow several flowers, trees, and fruits. Everything will look pinkish and sparkling. The island will be full of insects, butterflies, birds, fish and so many other things. There are uncountable in-game items that can help you to build an island like in the movie Tinker Bell.

Outfit Shop

For players who are obsessed with outfits and fashion, this gown shop ACNH island idea is sure to lure you. As we all know that Animal Crossing is specifically a fun customization game, so the ability to customize outfits and accessories is at its core. You can make a gown shop where you will keep your outfits and customize them. Different types of dresses and their colours will make your shop look like a fashion house. You can also decorate the place with pink and white flowers, and scented candles. All these will give the gown shop a sophisticated look.

Beach Party

If you are a big fan of chilling out with your friends and doing parties, then a beach bonfire party would be perfect for you. Select a place on the beach and decorate that area. You won’t need many things to do at a beach party.

Just add some chairs, washed-up shoes, tires, bottles etc so that it looks realistic. You can add fairy lights and some leaves for the authentic beach vibe. Then light the fire in the middle, turn on music and chill with your online friends. The fresh breeze, the sound of the sea and the bonfire will lure you with its beauty.


To conclude, these are some of the best ACNH island ideas for different types of players. However, there are so many other creative ideas for example a tropical pool, a jungle camp, a garden, a coconut farm and so on.

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