All M1887 Gun Skin Ranked (June 2024)

Garena Free Fire has become the best and most popular battle royale game with new features, weapons, skins, and ongoing events and updates. It offers many weapons that players may get and display during combat, many of which have great skins. 

Because the M1887 gun skin all ranked is one of the strongest shotguns in Free Fire and is currently popular, many players are searching for the best skins to go with it. Skins must be chosen carefully since they directly impact the performance of your weapon in the game. This post will discuss the most excellent skins for the M1887 gun skin all ranked that you may choose from!

This post lists the most delicate skins for M1887 in Free Fire. Before you invest your hard-earned diamonds, read the description below and learn all of the benefits and drawbacks of each skin.

What is M1887 Gun Skin?

The Element M1887 gun skin event now has our new gun skins available. The event began today, January 6th, and will end on January 13th. A single spin in the event will cost 20 diamonds, while five of these would cost 90 diamonds.

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Only if the spin lands on the ‘Guaranteed M1887 Gun Skin,’ at which point the skin will be drawn from the inner circle, will M1887 skins be available. Due to its improved damage and rate of fire, players with enough diamonds might try to get M1887 Incedium Burst. To get Element M1887 gun skins, players must execute the requirements outlined below:

List of M1887 Gun Skin Ranked

The most excellent M1887 skins, ordered from best to worst, are listed below. Even though there are many possibilities in the game, we feel these skins to be dependable and inexpensive for a wide range of players. Check out the list and choose the best choice, or let us know if you have any better suggestions in the comments area below!

1. One Punch Man

This M1887 skin is inspired by One Punch Man’s iconic anime character, who is notorious for killing all of his foes with one punch. The skin is a fiery red, with yellow-coloured flames blazing at the front. It boasts high reload speed and damage, and it is pretty popular among all Free Fire players who employ it for all of its benefits.

2. Rapper Underworld

Rapper Underworld is a problematic skin to master since it varies depending on the user’s abilities. It boasts a substantial rate of fire and reloads speed, but it still lacks accuracy for medium-range combat. With the design on it, the skin is quite intriguing.

3. Winterlands

Winterlands is one of the most beautiful skins for M1887. This is the most fantastic option if you’re playing Free Fire in the Snow Map. It has an excellent range and movement speed, but its reload speed is slightly slow. This may be earned simply by spinning the wheel and spending only a few gems.

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4. Solaris Burst

Solaris Burst is one of the most popular, dependable, and cost-effective skins for M1887 in Free Fire. It looks really traditional with the yellow-coloured flames on the black-coloured pistol skin. Despite its slow-moving speed, it has excellent accuracy and a high rate of fire.

5. Terrano Burst

M1887’s most delicate skin for precise headshots is Terrano Burst. The skin isn’t particularly vivid, but the colour of the mat back is highly appealing to all gamers. The skin features a fast reload speed, allowing you to get the most kills in the shortest amount of time. To win all of the matches in Free Fire, equip your M1887 with Terrano Burst.


The event may cost a few thousand diamonds because consumers are not guaranteed the M1887 skin after several attempts. The object from the inner circle, on the other hand, will be retrieved and removed from the pool. As a result, the M1887 gun skin all ranked will not be duplicated, at the very least.

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