Anime Story Codes (December 2023): Free Coins and Gems

If you’re looking for Anime Story Codes that can be used to get exclusive in-game items such as coins and gems and much more! then you are in the correct place. In this post, we are gonna share all the active working codes that can be redeemed for free rewards that can help to progress faster in the game by allowing users to buy necessary resources.

List of Anime Story Codes

Active codes:

  • BEGINNERBOOST – Redeem this code to get 2 Hour Double Experience (New)
  • February – Redeem this code to get 8 Dragon Balls (New)
  • LUNAR – Redeem this code to get 2000 gems (New)
  • BACKTOBACK – Redeem this code to get 3 Hour of Double Experience
  • JANUARYY – Redeem this code to get 8 Dragon Balls
  • SORRY2023 – Redeem this code to get 3000 gems
  • STORAGE – Redeem this code to get 10 Dragon Balls
  • ENJOY – Redeem this code to get 2,000 gems
  • NEWYEAR – Redeem this code to get 2 Hour of Double Experience
  • CHRISTMAS – Redeem this code to get 2 Hour Double Experience
  • SPIRITS – Redeem this code to get 6 Dragon Balls
  • HOORAY – Redeem this code to get 1000 gems
  • UPDATE6 – Redeem this code to get 2 Hour Double Experience
  • ANGEL – Redeem this code to get 5 Dragon Balls
  • RACES – Redeem this code to get 1500 gems

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How to Redeem Anime Story Codes Codes?

Redeeming Anime Story codes is simple. You just have to follow the basic steps below:-

  • First, open the Roblox game on your Device.
  • Launch Anime Story
  • Navigate go to the menu button at the bottom of the screen
  • Go to codes
  • Enter the code that we’ve shared.
  • Hit redeem button
  • Enjoy your free rewards!

Where to get more Anime Story Codes?

There are certain public domains where the Anime Story Codes are been added by game developers on different platforms, and new codes are revealed during the monthly developer live streams.

Another simple and easy way is to follow and bookmark our page. We look out for new and active codes daily and update them here. Alternatively, you can also check the official website, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit forums, Instagram and Discord!

The developers generally release code on holidays, milestones, and collaboration events. We will update this post as soon as the new redemption codes are available. This page gets often updated as soon as new codes are updated!

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About Anime Story

A combination of anime powers in an Ultimate Adventure, build your character and become the strongest fighter in the universe! What will your story be? Summon Abilities, and Awakenings, get Materials and Craft Gear, Defeat Bosses and claim their drops! Think you’re powerful? Teleport to Ranked PVP and test your build against other players! Loot spawns around the map every (1-10 Minutes) and despawn every 30 minutes. Ores spawn every (10-20) Minute. The event will occur every 15 minutes (server region time-zone), will you be able to conquer them?

Why aren’t my codes working?

Anime Story Codes don’t all remain usable for the same length of time, which means that some of them become invalid in a short period of time—possibly even after just twenty-four hours!

If, when you try to enter a code, you see the message “Code Expired,” it means that the code is no longer valid and cannot be redeemed at this time. You are out of luck in terms of finding a solution to this problem because the code is simply inaccessible.

On the other hand, if you try to enter a code and it reads “Invalid Code,” this indicates that you either miswrote the code or failed to apply the appropriate capitalization. If this occurs, you should attempt to retype and re-enter the code once more, this time being very careful to replicate it precisely how it is written!

So with this, we would like to conclude this post on Anime Story Codes.

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Happy Gaming!

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