Apex Legends: How to Fix Freezing and Crashing

If your Apex crashes in pc and takes a long time to get fixed, then you have come to a solution point. We have perceived several issues in the game’s latest update. However, users will find many causes for Apex Legends to crash. This might change starting with one client and then onto the next.

Some users have experienced a freeze in their games, while others are unable to play in an Apex Legends match. You might need to do more testing if you use a PC to play Apex Legends. However, it is easier than playing on consoles.

Let’s look at some of the most frequent issues that users experience and then see crash fixes for each one for Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Continue Crashing Fixes

Fix 1: Update Driver

First, update your drivers. This has been the best solution for most gamers to their crashing problems. You might have outdated drivers. The latest driver may be what you need. AMD and Nvidia release regular drivers and updates for video cards. These are often intended to fix and optimize game issues.

Fix 2: Downgrade Driver

If Apex Legends keeps crashing after an update, it is possible that your game isn’t compatible or has issues. For this situation, you might have to reign in the update to keep playing the game.

Fix 3: Disable G-Sync, Freesync, and Other

Your video card might have sync choices that are not viable with Apex Legends. Some users found that disabling this feature in Apex stopped freezing and crashing.

Fix 4: Make sure you have the OS and Graphics drivers checked

If none of these solutions work and your Apex Legends computer crashes continues to occur, you may want to upgrade your graphics drivers and operating system to make sure they are current. Additionally, ensure your PC meets the base framework necessities to play Apex Legends. These could all lead to the Apex Legends PC crashing problem.

Fix 5: Troubleshooting

Right-click on the desktop shortcut icon and then run “Troubleshoot Compatibility”. Before you launch the app, Before you launch this option, close the app if it is already running.

Fix 6: Look for conflict

The Apex Legends may also randomly close if there is another program or application running behind your computer that conflicts with it. You should perform a clean boot. This is basically closing any unnecessary programs on your computer and then launching the Apex Legends immediately after you restart.

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Why is my Apex Legends Not Loading?

Server outages could be the reason your Apex Legends does not load. Sometimes, the problem could be caused by the Steam version of Apex Legends, even though the original works perfectly.

You can temporarily fix this problem by switching to Origin. To confirm whether there has been a server downtime, you can check EA’s official Twitter account and contact support.

Here are some tips to fix loading errors.

  • Download then reinstall Origin.
  • Begin the game again to confirm that it is working.
  • Port forwarding is also an option if you are experiencing endless loading screens due to Internet routing issues.


We have provided all possible solutions to the Apex Legends Crashing issue in the guide. We’ve discussed the causes and suggested ways to fix them.

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