Assassin’s Creed Vallhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok Review


Eivor must accept their destiny as Odin, the Norse god of Battle and Wisdom, in the most ambitious expansion in the history of the franchise. As you set out on a frantic quest through a gorgeous universe, unleash new heavenly powers. Finish a fabled Viking story to save your kid from the wrath of the gods.

Wield A God’s powers

Possess amazing, extraterrestrial abilities. Use the new skills you’ve learned from those you’ve defeated to kill anyone standing in your way. Transform into a raven to perform mesmerizing assassinations, or bring back your dead enemies to fight beside you. Infuse your weapon with ice to unleash lethal attacks, turn your skin into magma to shield yourself, and more. Five new armour sets are available in Dawn of Ragnarok: – 

  1. Hreidmar’s Set of Armor
  2. Odin the All-Father Armor Set 
  3. Jotun Mantle Armor Set
  4. Set of Fire Giant Armor
  5. Set of Dwarven Blacksmith Armor

Dawn of Ragnarok has 11 new weapons, including four Atgeirs, a brand-new weapon class that was included in the DLC. The following is a list of every weapon you can find in the game: –


  • Thorgrim’s Dying Breath
  • Fiery Warsong
  • The Impaler
  • Muspel Spark

2.Dane Axe – Calder’s Fury

3.Bearded Axe – Jotnar Cleaver

4.Hammer – Legacy of Ivaldi

5.Dagger – Fenrir’s Incisor

6.Light Shield – All-Father’s Guard

7.Hunter Bow – Aesir Eye

8.Short Sword – Wooden Stick

Exploration of the Norse World

In order to visit the mythical dwarven realm of Svartalfheim, a stunning but hostile planet that is under assault, and confront visions of a new threat, Eivor must accept their fate as Odin. Discover a huge, dangerous new realm of Norse mythology as you accept your destiny as a Norse deity filled with underground forges and towering golden peaks. The main Into the Fire Arc, The Relic Arc, and The Vessel of Souls Arc are the three arcs. To fully advance the game to its climax, both of the latter arcs must be finished.

Weapons, Armor, Abilities, Jotun Blights, Uncut Gemstones, Dwarves in Distress, Mythical Memories, Platinum Ingots, and many other items and areas of interest can be found throughout Svartalfheim.

The world map won’t be accessible when the campaign for the expansion begins. You’ll have to progress further until the two dwarves, Sigrun and Holstein, lead you to Jordber Shelter. Your major centre will be here, where you can discover merchants like Reda of the Thousand Eyes. The rest of the game becomes accessible after speaking with an NPC by the name of Brunn, allowing you to explore at your leisure.

There are three ways to start the Dawn of Ragnarok expansion. The first method is the recommended Power Level of 340. You can still play the DLC even if you don’t match the requirement. Players that have fulfilled this PL criterion can use the first approach. A new Ravensthorpe quest will be available after installing the DLC. Return to England once this task is finished. You must have levelled up your Ravensthorpe settlement to 3. You’ll get the “A Wise Friend” quest when Valka shows up. You will receive the “Restless Dreams” quest after doing it. You will officially begin the Dawn of Ragnarok expansion during this mission.

The only significant difference between the second procedure and the first is that you are below the 340 Power Level. The aforementioned actions will lead to a warning screen when you attempt to access this DLC. You will be informed that you can still play even though you are not levelled enough for this. For the duration of the DLC, you will effectively be elevated to that level thanks to a boost. You will lose this gear and XP if you exit the DLC, but you will maintain any XP and things acquired while playing the DLC. Since you will receive extremely potent, end-game loot from the DLC, it goes without saying that this might seriously imbalance the core game.

The third and final approach entails selecting “New Game” from the Main Menu. You can now choose between “Valhalla” (the base game) and “Dawn of Ragnarok” in this section. You can only play the DLC expansion if you choose the second option. A power and gear increase will enable you to play it without feeling underpowered, but otherwise it functions identically to the second choice.

Fight the new Ice and Fire enemies

Engage in combat with Muspels, brand-new fire adversaries from Muspelheim, and Jotnars, enemies of ice from Jotunheim. As you acquire strength, you can take on a variety of adversary archetypes, sneak into their lairs, and use their unique abilities against them. Surtr, an unconquerable fire giant and the greatest foe Odin has ever encountered, commands this army from the front.

The Personal Saga of Odin

As Odin, go out on a desperate mission to free your son Baldr from a terrifying foe’s clutches. To infiltrate hostile territory, gather dwarven allies, and exact retribution on Baldr’s captors, use your ingenuity and cunning. Odin’s quest will compel him to face his own destiny in opposition to Ragnarök’s inevitable judgement. The expansion Dawn of Ragnarok takes you to the world of the gods. In it, Eivor will journey through the Svartalfheim while posing as Odin/Havi.

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