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Top 5 Best Characters in Free Fire to Play (February 2024)

Looking for the best character in free fire you can play? If yes then you’re in the correct place. This goes without saying, Free Fire has become one of the biggest internet sensations with a plethora of characters to choose from. In fact, if you are someone who is just starting out, it can even get tedious at times. 

Bear in mind, the majority of the time, all the characters in Free Fire are almost well-balanced to keep the game a fair fight. But, every once in a while they release a character that becomes overpowered with overwhelming capabilities. That is why we have curated a list of some of the best characters you can play in Free Fire and enjoy the game to its full extent. 

Best Characters to Pick in Free Fire 

It is imperative to understand that, before we move with our list these characters are not free to play at all. Either you need to make in-app purchases or unlock them using top-up events. Let’s jump right into it. 

1. D-Bee


As of now, D-Bee is the newest addition among the characters in Free Fire. Being the master of survival, D-Bee has become the most cherished metal in no time. In fact, there has been a huge surge in using the character.

As stated, D-Bee’s speciality is within its survival abilities. Using Bullet Beat, you get an enhancement to bullet accuracy and movement speed by 10% and 5%. Get to level 6 and you get enhancement up to 35% and 15% respectively. 

2. Chrono


Introduced back in 2020, Chrono has become the favourite of many players. His quirky abilities include the active skill known as Time-Turner. This enables Chrono to block 600 damages from enemies using a force field while attacking them at the same time.

This is by far one of the best offences and defences you can ask for. Upgrading to level 6, you can enjoy a boost of 15% in movement speed while Chrono is within the force field. 

3. K (Professor)

K (Professor)

Based on a real-life DJ, this character comes with two different modes of combat. K also known as Captain Booyah is actually based on KSHMR, an American DJ. While he has mastered Jiujitsu, you can’t mess around with Psychology either.

Using the Jui-Jitsu mode, K offers a boost of a 500% EP conversion rate to its allies. Use the psychology mode, and K recovers 2 EP every 3 seconds. Now, this is truly a character you don’t want to mess with. 

4. Xayne 


An athletic character with an ability known as Xtreme Encounter. Even at the base level, you can expect an increase of 80 HP for a short period of time. For 10 seconds, any damage to the Gloo walls and shields is increased exponentially as well. Upgrade your character to the maximum level, and Xayne’s abilities increase by 100%. Just bear in mind, this ability comes with a cooldown of 100 seconds. 

5. DJ Alok

DJ Alok

How awesome it is that we actually mentioned another DJ within our list. DJ Alok has an active ability called Drop the Beat. With this, an aura is created within a radius of 5m, increasing the speed of the allies by 10% while resorting to 5 HP every single second. While the ability lasts 10s, this is an absolute must-have character for your team.

Choose Your Favorite Character Now

So that was our curated guide on some of the best characters you can play in Free Fire. With over 38 characters to choose from as of now, our list is completely subjective. So, let us know in the comment section below, which is your favourite pick in Free Fire. 

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