Top 5 Best Farm Games You Should Play in 2024

There are plenty of games eligible for a place in the list of best farm games for android available on Android. Some gamers love to play hardcore action games and some players don’t enjoy violence. They lean towards casual games which require smart strategies and feature a basic storyline. Farm games are simple yet attractive for many gamers. These casual games require a regular visit and quick upgrades.

Most of the games are on lighter notes. Kids are ideally suited to playing these games. However, many games require smart moves to advance in the game. Adults will enjoy these games as it features quality storyline.

In-game characters, farm designs, animals, and vehicle graphics are breathtaking. You are bound to get addicted to playing these magnificent farm games. Here is a list of the best farm games that you can install on your Android device today!

1. Hay Day

One of the most popular farm games available on Android is Hay Day. This game is so popular that its fanbase covers almost 120+ countries and it has 100 million+ downloads in the Play Store. You will have an empty farm and some basic machinery and crops to start with. Once you start producing crops in larger amounts, you can sell them to incoming customers as well as in your roadside store. As you level up in the game, you can harvest different crops and start livestock cultivation.

One thing we promise you is that you are bound to fall in love with the cute pigs, and chickens. Furthermore, you will make sandwiches, popcorn, etc., and sell them to earn coins. Wait, we are not done yet. There are more fun elements in the game in the form of fish cultivation. You’ll have to level up to unlock this.

Also, fruit, flower cultivation, whatever you can think of is included in this exciting farm game. This entry in the list of best farm games is available for free in the play store. So, download now and become a part of the large community.

2. Township

Next on our list is Township. As the name suggests the game requires you to build a town and a farm to accompany it. It is a classic game that takes us back to the old days. The graphics and the audio of the game are excellent. There is ample space for customizing features in the game. You can customize each crop plantation.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to customize its lucrative features. One of the most exciting features of the game is the trade. You can either choose to trade with local resources or do business with exotic foreign countries.

As you level up in the game, you unlock people and other bonus add-ons to add to your town. Gamers who love always wanted to build their dream town are bound to get addicted to this best farm games entry.

3. Family Farm Seaside

Our next entry in the list of best farm games is Family Farm Seaside. In this game, you’ll have the chance to build and manage two farms at the same time. One farm you can build by the seaside and another one at an exquisite island of your choice.

There is 200 crop you can cultivate and sell. There is a feature that allows us to accept and deliver orders on a daily basis. Additionally, there are almost 100 achievements you can unveil in the game. The game will test your managing skills. It’s free to download and play this game. However, you’ll need an internet connection to play.

4. Village and Farm

Village and Farmer is a worthy entry in the best farm games list. Here, you are given many farm elements to grow. More importantly, the animals in the game will excite you the most. The animals will need good care and regular feeding. You can collect their products and cook many dishes. Eventually, you’ll sell them to earn a profit. You can also visit other farms also and decorate your firm according to your liking. Although it is free to download, the game has some in-game purchases.

5. Big Little Farmer

Our final entry on best farm games is Big Little Farmer. The storyline resembles any other farm game, mostly Farmville. You will have a farm where you have to produce crops, harvest livestock, collect eggs and sell all of them to earn coins. However, the graphics of the game is splendid, and that is what will attract most gamers. Oh! And did we mention it is completely free?

Start Reaping Your Harvest

That concludes our list of best farm games for android. You can download either or all of them. One thing is sure you are likely to get addicted to them. So, what are you waiting for? Download now and start cultivating.

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