Best GFX Tool for Call of Duty Mobile (60FPS + HDR) No Root

Are you searching for the best GFX Tool for Call of Duty to unlock the capped capacity to access 60fps with HDR graphics without root? If yes then you are in the right place.

Call of Duty is yet another battle royale game action-packed, graphics-driven game that requires a good device to run smoothly. Talking about Android phones, the majority of people don’t have performance-driven devices to play CODM on high settings on max FPS, however, with some tweaks, you can uncap the limitations of your low-end device to unleash its maximum performance and here the GFX tools come into place.

What is a GFX tool?

GFX Tool is the 3rd-party graphics settings manipulation tool that can be used to configure the graphics setting for a particular game like the shader quality, texture quality, resolution, and many other factors which depend on how the game will perform on your device.

If you have a low-end device then you could not increase the FPS of the game because it gets capped for different devices depending on the CPU and GPU of the device, here the GFX tool comes into comes, and you can increase the frame rates.

Best GFX Tool for CODM

All these GFX Tools does not require root access for your device, these apps are available on the google play store and very safe to use. We don’t recommend downloading GFX tools from third party as they may contain malicious software.

1. GFX Tool for COD by BigDog Gaming

With this simple tool, you can improve the graphics of CODM. This GFX software supports from 950×540 to 2560×1440 pixels resolution, which covers even the HDR texture quality.

2. GFX Tool for COD by Juzer

Yet simple but effective GFX tool for Call of Duty mobile which unlocks HDR game quality with 60FPS, right now this app is in beta testing. You can choose from Smooth to HDR depending on your requirements but for maximum FPS, we recommend you to use smooth and 60fps for lag-free gameplay.

3. GFX Tool for COD Pro by X-Gen

One of the best GFX tool for COD, some of the interesting features includes 1080 Resolution, HDR Game Graphic, Extreme FPS, Shadow, Shadow Quality, 4xMSAA – enable and disable anti-aliasing. If you want smooth performance, choose the lowest setting which is 960×540.

GLTools for Call of Duty

With some simple tweaks and memory management, you could archive more frame rates. GLTools help you do that. GLTools is the ultimate tool for all purposes, GLTools is an app that improves the overall graphics of your smartphone by optimizing the GPU and CPU for the best performance.

But your phone needs to be rooted to perform the full actions, however, the above GFX tool could do the work for you but if your phone is rooted and want to try GLTool then you can always this app for free. You can download this from the google play store.

Note: This app is not compatible with games that use Vulkan

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