Top 3 Best Grenade Spots on Dust 2 in CS:GO (2024)

Counter-Strike has become one of the most played games in the genre of shooting games.  Gamers who want to exercise in the game must understand the essential spots across the map.  So, if you are looking for the best grenade spot dust 2 then you are in the right place. We will discuss the 3 best spots on the Dust 2 map.

Dust 2 is a map in the video game Counter-Strike. According to the developers, the map is based somewhere around the dusty areas of Morocco. Here, the rules are simple; the players are cleaved into terrorists and counter-terrorists. In the limited time, the terrorist has to detonate bombs after planting them, and the counter squad has to try stopping them by diffusing them.

Molotov Spots

Molotov cocktails are effective in certain situations, like throwing one into an area with numerous players. However, they are not highly deadly until and unless the enemy gets stuck in their fire. It is most valuable when you want to look for campers and eliminate them.

 This ingenious spot will block others from seeing you while moving through an area A Long. As a precautionary measure when traveling through A Long, stand on the long barrel beside Long Does and aim a Molotov over the saloon sign to the car.

This will force the enemy out of their hiding spot. Another good use is to head towards B Door and stand on the box by the door. Now jump and aim the molly on the right frame towards the rivet in the middle. This will increase the odds of a perfect shot. All these make Molotov one of the best grenade spot dust 2.

HE Grenade Spots

Generally, this one is a grenade spot. HE or High Explosive grenades are shells that contain flammables inside. So these are some potent ammunition and, if dealt with correctly, can infuse a lot of damage to the enemy. A Short is one of the perfect spots to aim a grenade at.

This prevents the rushing in CT spawn and terrorists from nearing A. Another good reason to attack this spot is you can strike here from Under A without being seen.

Another best grenade spots dust 2 in HE grenade is B Main, although only for counter-terrorists, to stop terrorists from rushing B Main at the start of the game. You can also molly the place, but you must be accurate about it. 

Lower Tunnels is where enemies prefer to camp and attack, making it a menacing location to push through. So move towards the Lower Tunnels, stand before the streetlight and aim the grenade at the tower’s peak before you.

Popflash Grenade Spots

This spot can be a game-changer spot for you. Popflashes are stun grenades that aim to blind the enemy for a few seconds. Well-targeted flashes help to get a maximum number of enemies stunned. Knowing the right spots to throw is essential. 

While rushing through Long A, enemies might wait by doors peeking and observing your moves. Aiming a pop flash towards the door will help you hinder the enemy’s vision, and you can take them out quickly.

Another good location is site B; since it is one of the deadliest locations to storm into. Head towards B Main and stand opposite the Lockbox. Aim to the right of the sign and run a few steps before you throw. It will increase the accuracy to blind the necessary target. And this one you can select for being your best grenade spots dust 2.


There are different types of grenade spots present in the gameplay. All of them are used in various situations. Like a pop flash will stun the enemy and make him unable to see, you can take them out without much effort. A molly will stop players from moving between locations.

Also, enemies lose essential HP or health points if they get stuck in the fire. So choosing the proper grenade for the situation is a requirement. Knowing the best grenade spots dust 2 to attack and the bomb will surely help you advance in the game. So all that will be left is to check and practice the accuracy of those grenades.

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