Top 8 Best Idle RPG Games to Play 2024

Looking for Best Idle RPG Games for Android? If yes then you are in the right place. Who doesn’t love gaming? When the Android OS was introduced, the first thing that amazed most mobile users is that they have a gaming console in their hands. We don’t need to carry another device to play games. There are various types of gamers. Some love hardcore action whereas some love to perform just simple actions to level up and advance in the game.

Idle RPG or incremental games is one such game type where you just need to perform simple tasks and the game mechanics will automate the action for you. These games run in the background while you are busy doing some important tasks. For your convenience, here we have listed the 8 best idle RPG games that you can play. These games are rated highly by the users as well as critics.

1. AFK Arena

Our first entry is an ideal pick of the best idle RPG games. Here you don’t have to put a lot of effort to progress through levels. Your main responsibility is to gather a force of fantasy heroes. Users will get a lot of free loot and the game presents easy levels to progress. This idle RPG is for those gamers who love playing games with fantasy storylines. Gathering party members and collecting fancy gear is a way of succeeding in this game.

2. Ego Sword: Idle Sword Clicker

You can make an idea about the game from the name. You will be collecting and upgrading a sword to kill dangerous monsters. The game takes us back to retro-style graphics mode. There are about 200 different swords that you can yield throughout the game. Moreover, you’ll need to gather a companion who will help you defeat monsters after levelling up. A simple clicker yet exciting idle RPG, Ego Sword is for those gamers who love sword fights.

3. Almost A Hero

We only want winners as our main characters who have an abundance of special skills that helps us to defeat enemies. But this innovative clicker lets you play with a bunch of losers! There are many characters in the game. Your mission is to use these characters and their special powers to destroy enemies. You will tap and emit lightning bolts that will destroy enemies. This entry in the best idle RPG games lets you help losers turn it around and gain some glory.

4. Dragon Warriors

Dragon warriors are easily one of the best idle RPG games available on the market. Your objective is to gather a team of characters/heroes who will fight against dragons. You don’t need to stay in the game throughout the fight. Just gather the heroes put them against the fight with dragons and collect gold as dragons are destroyed. There are a lot of exciting level-ups in the game. You’ll surely have a great time playing Dragon Warriors.

5. Darkfire Heroes

Darkfire Heroes is easily the top entry in the best idle RPG games of 2021. The game is different from other idle RPGs. Here you need to gather heroes and them against the fight with enemies and monsters. One interesting thing to mention is that you can build fighting strategies. Moreover, you can control the characters involved in a fight against evil enemies. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your heroes and fight more epic wars.

6. Ragnarok Labyrinth

Ragnarok Labyrinth offers a unique feature labelled “Sharevice” that allows users to upgrade their heroes and share them among their friends. The game features stunning graphics and audio. Furthermore, the game has exciting stages and the monsters are designed to go with the central theme of Ragnarok world. Defeat monsters and earn upgrades. Ragnarok Labyrinth is a must-try!

7. Savior Saga

This game takes us back to 3D MMORPG playing days. Among our list of best idle RPG games, this one has the best graphics. Yuina is the central character in the game. Her mission is to find Dragon Heart. As a player, you’ll have t help her reach there. In doing so, you’ll battle against monsters. Eventually, you’ll need to create a team of heroes who will help you in the battle against monsters.

8. Fallout Shelter

This game was launched way back in 2015. It gave us brand-new features and adventures integrated into an idle game. You will be creating a task for explorers. Mainly you need to create a vault and wait for resources to generate. This game is still a fantastic play. You must download it and try it now.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. We have researched thoroughly and made a list of the best idle RPG games available in the market. You can download them and get lost in the adventures. If you love to strategize battle but don’t like to remain involved in the game, these games are a good choice for you. So that’s all about the best Idle RPG games for Android, we hope you like it!

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