Top 6 Best Ludo Games for Android in India (2023)

Ludo has been played from the days gone by and was a steady favourite in the pre-internet era. With the dawn of the internet and smartphones throwing themselves into the mix, board games such as ludo were left to gather dust in the attic. Until now, that is!

Ludo is seeing a revival with the rise in nostalgic value associated with this family favourite. This was inevitable as Ludo has been around for quite a few centuries now in different forms and is unlikely to go down without a fight. And as NDTV tells us, it brings people together, even if briefly! This is the effect of ludo in the modern day.

The game of ludo is the Anglicized version of the Indian game pachisi. Now that you know a bit about the game’s origins, let’s get into the many versions of Ludo available online for having a good time.

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The list begins now:

1. Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the foremost ludo games playable online, and it is available for both smartphones and desktop computers. Users can even enjoy a round of snakes and ladders along with ludo. There is also an exciting ludo variant that pits six players against each other.

Game features:

  • Users can choose between playing offline or online.
  • The offline mode provides for AI to compete in single-player mode.
  • Facebook integration means users can share their achievements on social media.
  • Supports emojis while chatting. 

2. MPL Ludo

MPL Ludo is a game with a fresh take on the much-loved board game that is Ludo. Apart from Ludo, there are plenty of other games to keep users engrossed.

Ludo Win gives you three tokens and eighteen moves to secure victory. The main objective is to score higher than the opponent and win the game, and capturing a rival’s token gives you a higher score.

For playing Ludo attack, first, select the game, and once you’re matched with the required players, the fun begins. The player spins a wheel to determine the number of steps to move ahead. To make things more interesting, there is the attack and heal tiles that damage an opponent’s token and heal yours, respectively.

The game is won by taking your token across the finish line.

This Ludo game download is free and supports both Android and iOS devices.

Game features:

  • Players can use in-game emoticons to display their feelings with fellow players.
  • Wait time in the lobby is negligible, enabling players to get in on the action quicker.
  • Two fun versions of the classic board game are available on MPL, which is sure to keep the players happy.

3. Ludo World

Ludo World is from the house of Tencent, which are well-known for churning out high-quality games. The app adopts the tried and tested classic look of traditional Ludo and retains the original gameplay that made it so famous.

But under its skin, there are a few standout features not found in other online versions of Ludo.

Game features:

  • The Double Distance feature enables the player to move double the steps shown on the die.
  • The game has the Dice Control option, which offers some control over the rolled number.
  • With Protection Shield active, the player is guaranteed protection for one turn against being sent back to the starting position.
  • Power Roll gives the player an extra turn bonus, enabling them to play two consecutive turns.

4. Ludo All-Star

If you love the idea of classic ludo with a twist, then Ludo All-Star is for you. This game has two captivating modes to keep the player entertained – Terminator and Team Battle, which makes it more exciting than traditional ludo.

Game features:

  • A unique Raid Mode is available during team battles.
  • Skins and themes are available with a daily spin of the wheel.
  • Opportunity to activate VIP status for cancelling previous die roll if needed.
  • Users can play the game in offline and online modes.
  • Facebook integration to invite friends to join you in the fun.

5. Ludo Warriors 3D

Ludo Warriors 3D turns the staid 2D world of online Ludo by infusing it with a mesmerizing three-dimensional atmosphere. This game’s 3D interface extends to the tokens, which resemble gladiators. The sound effects within the game entice players to look for a more immersive experience in one of their favourite games.

Game features:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • AI plays your turn if you are away for a short while.
  • Multiple locations to choose from.
  • Captivating 3D effects, animations, and sounds.

6. Ludo 2019

Ludo 2019 is a worthy choice that beckons gamers with its multiple skill levels. Users may play either against the computer or with friends, and thus an active internet connection is not needed. Further enhancing the gameplay are the three different board types that players can choose to play on.

Game features:

  • The game offers multilingual support for up to 11 European languages, including Portuguese and Swedish.
  • The autosave feature saves a game should the player suddenly exit it.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Lets players choose from three difficulty levels – easy, medium, and hard.

Pick Your Favorite Ludo Game And Roll The Dice

You may choose from any of the online ludo games shared in this list to indulge in some friendly competition with other players or even close friends. Whether you are looking for some old-world charm in your game of Ludo or for amazing graphics to captivate you, there is something for everyone on this list.

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