Best Roblox Condo Discord Servers (September 2023)

 Roblox condo game links are hard to find, but you can find a plethora of them in the following Discord servers.

The massively multiplayer online game creation platform which now prides itself as a metaverse spawned with one goal in mind, and that is to create a platform for immersive co-experiences, where people from all over the world can come together to cooperate and build It is hugely popular per se but despite marketing itself as a safe space for kids, it still battles inappropriate contents that are detrimental to one’s health. Commonly referred to as Condo, these sorts of games albeit hard to find abound on the Roblox platform and you’re about to discover some of them.

For the uninformed, Condo is simply a term used to refer to Roblox sex games. Experiences such as this often see blocky characters simulating sexual acts. Hence, if you are looking to see what they actually look like, then here are the best Roblox condo discord servers that share a daily dose of condo game links. millions of unique 3D experiences and have others play them for free – or with Robux.

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What is Roblox Condo?

When you log in to Roblox for the first time, you’ll be presented with a ton of games that are worth wasting time on. From racing to fighting, action, adventure, and whatnot. Now dive a little bit deeper and you’d see games with shady names that once fired up, reveal naked characters simulating sex and other debauched acts.

These sorts of games are commonly referred to as Condo games and the worst part is that players playing such games often use disgusting/foul language and hate speech to converse with one other.

Funny enough, the Roblox Condo games we’ve come to know today originally started off as hangouts for edgy kids, but have escalated into something much worse. On YouTube, you’d see a slew of them, but what can one do? Shut down one of these condo games and two will pop up thereafter to replace them.

How to join?

 Recently I’ve been having a problem with joining Roblox games on mobile. I found this problem through the Discord web browser, however, not sure if it affects other ones. It’s been happening for a while, hence the reason I created this topic.

 Repro process:

  • Copy the link to a Roblox game
  • Open Discord on a mobile device (I used an iPhone) and paste the link into a server channel.
  • Open the link and tap the play button.
  • Make sure to click “Open” on the confirmation screen (see attached screenshot).

 Word of Advice :

The fact that Roblox is trying to take down all of these condo games on its platform simply means they are inconducive. The platform was made having kids in mind and its sole aim is to provide a safe and secure environment where kids can come together and share their ideas through play.

 Deviating from what it was originally meant for is uncultured and we urge you as a hacker to stop promoting or creating games that affect kids negatively. We only shared this tutorial on how to find Condo games on Roblox for educational purposes and we’d hope you understand. 

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There are a plethora of servers on Discord dedicated to sharing Roblox condo games links, but in a bit not to bore you with long talks or spam this article with irrelevant links, we decided to unravel the ones with the most active members and a history of frequent updates.

Once you join the server, you’ll get to discover a bunch of Roblox condo game links. But we urge you to be careful and not risk getting banned. Overall, these are the best Roblox condo discord servers worth joining right now.

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