Best Strategy to Beat 2048: How to Always Win 2048

In the game 2048, you mix numbered tiles to obtain higher-numbered tiles. This is a very interesting game for people who love math and equations. However, some find it difficult to win the game. There are numerous ways to beat the higher rank and win. And in this post, we will discuss how to beat the 2048 game.

How to Play 2048?

Playing 2048 is not so difficult. The controls in 2048 are straightforward. Only up, down, and sideways will be the controls you use. Also, the rules are straightforward. All you have to do is move the tiles, and each time you do, a random tile from anywhere in the box appears. When you move two identical tiles, they will combine into a single tile with the original total of the numbers inscribed on them when they come into contact.

It’s enjoyable to play this game. Furthermore, this game is popular among leisure-time players. While some individuals play 2048 as a hobby, others play it to compete with their friends. Now let’s learn about the ways to beat 2048.

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How to Beat 2048?

Here are some tips on how to beat 2048:-

  1. Repeatedly swipe left and right: Open a new game and quickly swipe left and right. Repeat this process until you have a few rows of 2, 4, and 8s. While it’s not required to do this to succeed, it typically gives you an advantage and speeds up the process of getting to your first larger tiles.
  2. Construct a higher tile in the corner: Place a 16 or 32 made up of the early tiles in a corner. By steadily erecting it higher and higher, this technique aims to maintain this tile in place for as long as feasible.
  3. Maintain the high tile row’s occupancy: Fill the whole top row with tiles, for instance, if your high-value corner is on the top right. This may be accomplished by switching between the two routes that lead to the corner. By the time the board is full, the high-value tile won’t budge from its corner no matter how far you move left or right. Use up in order to avoid moving the corner tile, keep an eye on this row and fill in any gaps that may emerge.
  4. Use little tiles to combine them: Rather than concentrating on raising one tile at a time, you will advance far more quickly if you set yourself up for chain reactions of numerous combinations.
  5. Move around trapped little tiles: Plan how you will combine the tile you choose to place next to the trapped tile. You might need to prepare many steps in advance to do this if the tile is vast. Swipe to the tile you’ve intended to combine moves once it’s set up with an equivalent tile next to it.

Basic Pointers to Beat 2048

  • You must be aware of the rules.
  • Attempt to reach 2048.
  • Observe the future while pausing.
  • Concentrate on a nook.
  • Utilize the chance to combine many tiles.
  • Tap right and up in succession.


To conclude, 2048 is a very popular game among the new generation of players. And if you are one of them then do follow the instructions to know how to beat 2048.

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