Top 7 Best Zombie Games For Android to Play in 2024

If you are searching for the Best Zombies games for android to play, if yes then you are in the correct place. This goes without saying, who doesn’t prefer to kill zombies? What used to be a niche genre has now gained popularity among every group of gamers. The primary reason is, zombie games are always fun and sit right over every set of genres.

That being said, one of the most popular ones includes zombie shooters and survival arcs. And over the past decade, there are some truly compelling titles as well. So, we have curated this article, offering some of the best zombie games you can play on your Android device.

Best Zombie Games to Play on Android 

1. Dead Effect 2 

The Dead Effect series is by far one of the most prominent zombie games to get your hands on. The graphics within the game are beautifully crafted, and you can always take pleasure in bringing down hoards of zombies, and every other creature you can possibly think of. The added RPG elements within the games make it more interesting, with various options for upgrades and level-ups. According to the developer, you actually get 30 hours of gameplay in total. And based on the zombie niche, that’s quite a lot indeed. 

2. Dead Trigger 2

Even you can go with the statement that Dead Trigger has been the stepping stone for zombie shooter games. Although Dead Trigger 2 has become quite old now, frequent updates restrict it from being irrelevant. With a first-person perspective, you can enjoy a ton of missions backed with quite decent graphics. Collect all the weapons and find various ways to kill those zombies. Take part in weekly missions and proceed further within the game. As far as its FPS is concerned, it can still give some of the newer titles a run for their money. 

3. Into the Dead 2

The iteration of the famous game Into the Dead is a very unique game with its own elements. Into the Dead 2 is basically an infinite runner game packed with survival mechanisms. It’s as simple as it can ever get. All you need to do is dodge the zombies and follow through with the storyline. In order to throw in the surprise, there are various missions and challenges to complete as well. In fact, you also get a companion dog to get you through the run. While it is completely free to download, Into the Dead 2 comes with in-app purchases. 

4. Last Day on Earth 

Last Day on Earth is arguably one of the best zombie games you can play on your Android smartphone. It is a survival game with an open-world approach to it backed by zombie shooters and various adventures. Throughout the gameplay, you need to build your base of operation, defend them and at the same time look out for food and other useful items. If you want to experience life after a zombie apocalypse, Last Day on Earth is exactly what you need. Just bear in mind, it is not a hardcore zombie-killing game. So, start with the same mindset accordingly.

5. Zombie Roadkill 

When the arcade meets a zombie-themed game, that’s when you get Zombie Roadkill. As a character, your job is to ride through the driveway in this post-apocalyptic world. You need to kill as many zombies as well while trying to survive. Bear in mind, there are also a ton of zombies that would jump right into your car. In fact, this game has a close resemblance to Zombie Highway which is no longer available on the Play Store. There’s a ton to explore within the game as well. For starters, you get 5 different vehicles, with 10 weapons as well as a story mode to complete. 

6. Unkilled

If you have enjoyed playing Dead Trigger 2, you are going to love Unkilled. Offering better graphics, a ton of missions to choose from as well as Boss fights and PvP, it is certainly going to keep you occupied. In the context of PvP, you can experience two types. While one offers a first-person shooter, the later one is Skirmish Ops. As far as FPS is concerned, the game is as smooth as butter. Although being a freemium model, it is by far one of the most polished games on the list. 

7. Mini DayZ

A zombie survival game with retro graphics might seem hectic, but you are certainly going to enjoy playing this one. As the lead character of the game, you need to have a constant supply of food, and water as well as places to rest. When it comes to zombies, you can either run from them or shoot as you, please. Although we had a rough start with the game, we certainly enjoyed the later part of it. 

Kill Them! Kill Them All!!!

So, that sums up our article on the best zombie games you can play on your Android device. Let us know in the comment section below, which title you are most excited to play the next time around. 

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