BHE 1V1 Build Fight Map Code (February 2024)

BHE 1V1 Map Code

There is no point in arguing that, when it comes to practising against other players, Fortnite offers one of the most creative settings. Similarly, for everyone who wants to improve their solo play, it is best suited to play against a single opponent That is why in this article we are going to discuss the BHE 1V1 Map Code and how to use it. 

Bear in mind, 1V1 maps are one of the best ways in which you can practice against real gameplay scenarios. That being said, you can easily focus on a particular aspect of the game, furnishing what you are lacking. After all, there is nothing better than getting first-hand experience. 

What is BHE 1V1 Map Code? 

If you want to get into the BHE 1V1 Map, you need to get the map code. Here is the map code that you can use. 


How to Enter in BHE 1V1 Map? 

If you want to get into the BHE 1V1 Map, follow the steps mentioned below to enter the right way: 

  • At first, head over to your game and launch the gaming series
  • In order to access the menu, click on the ‘Select’ option
  • Once you hit play, choose the Island Code Tab
  • Enter the BHE 1V1 Map code, 8064-7152-2934
  • Now click on ‘Start’ to launch your map 

List of Other 1V1 Maps

1. G6T 1V1 High FPS + Less Delay 

Just as the name suggests, the map is exactly what you would expect it to be. After loading, you won’t be experiencing any lag or glitch error whatsoever. After entering the map, the player can easily reset the build as well. After every round, the position of the player automatically resets as well. The convenient match-making board makes sure you don’t have to wait around for your opponent as well. 

  • Code: 5872-7302-0536

2. Musical 1V1 

The Musical 1V1 maps come with a twist that the majority of the players would certainly appreciate. Every time the player is in combat, the map is going to bring up music. As for the most fun part, once you get a kill streak of three, the map allows the player to choose their own music. Certainly, a fun map to try out. 

  • Code: 2463-5557-5822

3. Rainbow Castle FFA

Rainbow Castle FFA is not exactly a 1V1 map, as it allows you to compete with up to 15 different players at the same time. But this sure is going to offer you a ton of fun, as you keep on killing one another. With such an intuitive approach, this map is getting popular over time. 

  • Code: 2698-5405-7096

The Bottom Line 

So that was our curated guide on how to use BHE 1V1 Map Code and practice your solo gameplay. That being said, we have also mentioned a list of some other solo maps that can help you to furnish your other skills as well. Overall, BHE 1V1 Map is a great way to start your gameplay. 

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