Black Desert Online Mobile BDO Codes (June 2024)

Are you searching for Black Desert Online Mobile codes? If yes then you are in the right place. BDO or Black Desert Online is an actual open-world mobile game with MMO gameplay through which you can get an amazing experience.

From about 150 countries, players download the game to get an amazing adventure. There are 13 different unique classes with dynamic skills, as it is the fast-paced action combat that you can only find in Black Desert Online. 

The user can also get the chance to have the promo codes, and if they have them, they can be used for several different purposes. Once you claim those codes, you can get several items and rewards that help you win the game.

BDO Codes List

  • 1311-306C-331C-49BA
  • whichclassareyou

We have not included any expired code, all the above listed are tested and working.

How Do You Get the BDO Codes?

While playing BDO, the player can get the free codes so easily, and once they have the codes, they can redeem them to get several items or rewards. If you want to snatch those codes, then you can take a look over the points below-

  • You can look at the official Twitter account of Black Desert Online and follow the page. When you follow BDO on Twitter, you will get updated with the redeem codes. You can get official redeem codes that will go live there.
  • The user can also get the Bdo codes from the homepage of Black Desert Online. There are several special events and regular maintenance. You will get comprehensive info about the code that works and learn about the items affecting the rewards in the new section. 

Ways to claim the BDO Codes

The user can also get the chance to claim the Bdo Codes in several ways, and some of those are mentioned below-

  • Log in to the game, start playing it, go to the game menu and press the ESC button. 
  • After that, you need to head to the Community tab and click on redeem. 
  • Type the BDO coupon code and click on confirm.
  • After that, there will be an option of available select the region, and there you will get your rewards.

How to redeem the BDO codes?

Do you have enough Bdo codes? If you do and are looking for ways to redeem it, that is quite easy. Here are the steps that you can consider –

  • You can just visit the official website of the game. 
  • After you check the website menu, one option is at the top, hover the mouse on the shop. 
  • Click on the redeem code and log in to the account.
  • Once you log in to the account, you need to enter the redeem code.
  • If it is clear, you need to click on the account option on the website, and from there, you can redeem the rewards after selecting the regions.
  • After all these things, you can just click on confirm, and the rewards will be sent to you in your mail.  


In the end, it will be clear that Bdo codes are quite easy to get, but if you have enough of them, then you should get them to redeem. However, do not wait long because the codes have an expiry date, and may expire.   

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