Bypassed Roblox Decals Codes (February 2024)

Roblox is a massively popular online gaming platform that allows users to create and share their own games and virtual experiences. One feature of the platform is the ability to use “decals,” which are images that can be applied to in-game objects and environments to add visual detail and customization. However, some users have found ways to bypass the platform’s decal code in order to use inappropriate or offensive images.

One way that users can bypass the decal code is by using a technique called “image redirecting.” This involves creating a link to an image on a separate website and then using that link as the source for the decal. Because the image is hosted on a different site, it is not subject to the same content restrictions as images uploaded directly to the Roblox platform.

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List of Bypassed Roblox Decals Codes

Active codes:

  • Again Lol – 7209267700
  • Black Hole – 7155918262
  • Celebrating in the Rain – 6661593109
  • Flip – 7120829352
  • Funny Meme – 7179893226
  • Glue Eating Face – 7219854219
  • Little Kids Diary Aww – 7201609545
  • Minecraft – 7185495575
  • Monkey Stare – 7180135016
  • Nave2 – 7141065525
  • Robloc Pirate Flag – 7205203658
  • Skeleton Waving to You – 7183722221
  • Sorry for Droppin – 7178267810
  • Wet Umbrella – 7205008014

Another way to bypass the decal code is by using a technique called “image glitching” in which users exploit a glitch in the platform’s code to upload images that would otherwise be blocked. This can be done by altering the image’s file type or manipulating the image’s data in some way.

It’s important to note that the use of bypassed decals is a violation of the Roblox terms of service and can result in account bans or other penalties. The Roblox team are constantly working to find and fix these loopholes in their system, so using bypassed decals may not be sustainable.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players, it’s important to follow the Roblox community guidelines and only use decals that have been approved by the platform. Additionally, players should report any instances of bypassed decals to the Roblox team so that they can take appropriate action.

In conclusion, bypassing decal codes on Roblox is a violation of the platform’s terms of service and can lead to account bans. Users should only use approved decals and report any instances of bypassed decals to the Roblox team for appropriate action.

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