How to Catch Pokémon Without Soft Ban in PGSharp Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular AR games, mostly loved by people of all ages in the world. But before you start playing the game, you need to set the location. According to that, you will be able to find the nearby Pokémon. It depends on the area about how many Pokemon you can find in different locations. 

Sometimes you will need a different location to catch the Pokémon. That is why to change the place; you can choose the PGSharp. To get a better experience, you can catch pokemon without a soft ban in PGSharp Pokemon go and change the location. If you decide to play this game in PGSharp, then you can experience the following benefits-

  • It can offer you easy and smooth movement while playing the game.
  • The player can move between different places without any physical motion, which is excellent; you can stay at your home and play the game.
  • The coordinates in the PGSharp will help you in getting to the specific location. With the help of this, you can even save the last location on your phone. 

Not just that, but there are several more benefits that you can experience if you choose PGSharp. So, what are you waiting for? Get the PGSharp version right now!

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How do you avoid soft bans in PGSharp? 

If a person violates the rules of the cooldown, then the account of that person will get soft-banned. When this happens, then you will get the error about Try again later if you will try to spin, and when you do that and try to catch them, all the Pokémon will flee. If you want to avoid the soft bans, you can-

  • Teleporting
  • Powering up the Pokémon
  • Encountering the wild Pokémon  
  • Evolving a Pokémon 
  • Gaining Buddy candies

Can you catch Pokémon while soft-banned?

If the player gets the soft banned in Pokémon Go, then they will not be able to catch pokemon in PGSharp pokemon go or not be able to win the gym battles. But if you want to avoid the soft bans, then you should follow the rules and avoid using the spoofer to go to a new location so that you can catch the wild Pokémon.  

Pokémon Go Soft Ban Duration

If you get banned from Pokémon Go when you catch pokemon in PGSharp pokemon go, then it will last about 12 hours only. Once that period is completed, you will be able to catch Pokémon, and if you are able to capture the Pokémon, then that means the ban has been lifted. So if you think that it is permanent, then it is not. Unless you have three soft bans, which means if you will get three soft bans, then your account will get banned permanently. 


In the end, it might be clear for the players that using PGSharp to catch pokemon in PGSharp pokemon go can be the best thing because that helps in making the game awesome. You will be able to play from anywhere you want and enjoy it! 

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