Clan Games Reward in Clash of Clans (November 2020)

clan rewards

Clan games is an event where all the clan mates work together to complete challenges and earn points, this event was introduced in December 2017 update. In this event, you will be given tasks and challenges and if you complete the in-game you will be rewarded with your clan member who has contributed in the clan games. You must be or above Town hall 6 to play clan games.

What are the Challenges given to the Players?

The player is given a different task which has to accomplished within a given amount of time. The tasks can be anything related to destroying buildings, using troops, upgrading resources, or to attack someone.

The task would be the same for all the clan members, so collectively clan members should decide which player would be the best for that challenge depending on the skills, town hall level, and troops capability. For example, the player with a strong defending design, troops, and structure would be the best to defend against attacks by other clan members.

Clan Games Reward in November

After the clan games end, rewards will be given to all the clan members who have completed at least one challenge. The reward depends on the player town hall and resources capabilities. The following reward will be given during the clan names held from 22 November to 28 November.

  • Rune of Elixir
  • Book of Fighting
  • Rune of Builder Gold
  • Shovel of Obstacles

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