Clash Mini Tier List July 2024

Clash Mini, one of three popular new Supercell games, is the talk of the Supercell community. In this game, you and the enemy can plant units anywhere. You must strategically arrange your units to avoid powerful abilities or units. And that is why you need to know the Clash Mini tier list. Here is this month’s Clash Mini Tier List to help you build your combat decks.

What does Clash Mini Tier List mean?

A wide variety of troops, heroes, and combos are available in Clash Mini. Choosing which heroes and minis to focus on first might be a daunting task.

So, a Clash Mini tier list is simply a list of several troops and strategies that generate different outcomes. This tier list is S, A, B, and C.

Using this Tier List, you can get a notion of which troops are good and which aren’t. You, as a player, are one of the most important variables in determining your accuracy rating. Because of the way you play, it’s possible to get high-tier characters to outperform lower-tier ones.

These heroes are worth farming and levelling up. These heroes are recommended for your roster due to their battle impact. Here are some recommended characters.

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S-Tier Troops

Barbarian King

The Barbarian King destroys every meta hero and deck. He with his archers and goblins battles with glory. And the king with his vast health makes him last longer than other troops. Iron Fist increases the damage by 1 to 4 seconds. He’s the meta’s strongest hero.

A-Tier Troops

Royal Champion

Royal Champion’s Bouncing Shield now deals 4 damage and stuns the first target it hits. Even after getting killed by the unit, this hero can utilize it again with full energy.


The Countess belongs to A Tier since the game is backline- and centred and can nullify Minis like the Archer more easily than other Heroes. In fact, her healing power when utilizes feed, helps her stay relevant.

B-Tire Troops

Shield Maiden

The Shield Maiden is a barbarian queen. She can tank, but she doesn’t enhance her squad. Magic Shield blocks opponent strikes and reflects damage back for a short duration. Barbarian King, Countess, and Royal Champion ignore this ability, hence they are above Shield Maiden.


Monk isn’t a starter character. Monk’s Level 8 Super ability upgrade provides a straight knock-out effect, but it’s slow to charge. As a beginning or new player, upgrading a hero to level 8 is rare, so he’s in B Tier.

Skeleton King

Skeleton King is Clash Mini’s newest hero. He was added in Season 3 and players were delighted, but he’s lacklustre so far. Neither a frontline nor a carry, he can’t tank or inflict enough damage. Since he’s not great at anything, he’s in the B Tier for now.

C-Tire Troops

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is Clash Mini’s weakest hero. She does not last very long in the battleground. Because of this and her low damage, she’s C Tier.

Wave Master

His Super ability lets him access the enemy’s backline, but it’s insufficient. His wave damages the farthest enemy by 1 point. Wave Master is C Tier due to its underwhelming Super and lower damage than a Mini.


To sum up, these are the Clash Mini tier list you should while playing the game. The combination of these troops can clearly elevate your game level overnight.

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