Complete Guide to Minecraft Biomes: List of All Biomes

Minecraft has divided its Overworld into a plethora of Biomes. As each world in Minecraft is quite randomly generated this game will never give you any clues whatsoever as to where to locate each and every biome. These Biomes will spice up your Minecraft experience and take it to the next level. These Biomes never seem to have an end.

So, it’s always worth exploring above the ground to find the Minecraft Biomes that are near where you spawn. This is because each biome offers you a new resource which you may need on your ongoing journey. To guide you through this enchanting journey we have crafted this article on “A Complete Guide to different Minecraft Biomes”.

What is a Biome in the Minecraft Multiverse?

The Minecraft Multiverse consists of unique geographies like plants, forests, deserts and other different features. You can get a glimpse of various types of block colours, flora, temperatures, mobs, and heights. You can also witness different villages if you are lucky enough.

In each and every world, the biome generation is random, with very many biomes having a lesser probability to evolve than others. There are also Mobs or “mobile creatures” that can spawn in different biomes. They can either be passive or neutral or sometimes hostile. They can spawn in multitudinous biomes under certain conditions.

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The different kinds of Minecraft Biomes that exists

In this section, we will give you A Complete Guide to different Minecraft Biomes that ever existed.


Plains in Minecraft is a common biome which is essentially treeless. These plains spawn many passive mobs such as cows, sheep, pigs and horses. They usually are found alongside the forests. The Sunflower plains are the only biome where you can find sunflowers. These plains are unique and are a sub-biome of normal plains.


Forest is the ultimate place to start your expedition as it is an abode of trees. You not only get resources like wood but can also find a variety of flowers, animals and mushrooms which can be advantageous to you later on.

There are three types of forests in the game itself:

  • Flower Forest: These forests have fewer trees and a huge amount of flowers. If you want to collect in-game dye, they are a treasure store for you. A few rabbits are spotted there as well.
  • Oak Forest: This forest is rich in oak trees. These forests are home to wood blocks and will probably be the place where you’ll acquire your first wood block.
  • Birch Forest: As the name suggests here you’ll get a lot of medium and large Birch trees. Additionally, no wolves will spawn in these forests.


There are three types of jungle biomes that players come across in Minecraft. The first one is the normal jungle biome and the second one is the jungle edge biome. Jungle edge biomes are basically hybrid biomes to transition from jungle biomes into others. The third type is the bamboo jungle, which one can often spot inside the larger jungle biomes. You can spot pandas mostly in these bamboo jungles. 


The Mountains have huge stone hills that occasionally engulf the hidden caves and have the most spectacular sceneries in the games. Waterfalls, huge cliffs, lava falls and deep valleys are the things that are clearly visible quite often. This is a brilliant biome to visit for early gamers because of the access to ore, as there aren’t many hidden caves here.

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The Desert biomes are bare so they just have sand, cacti, sandstone, brown rabbits and dead bushes. In this biome, you can often spot desert villages, pillager outposts, temples, and wells with lakes. A desert lake biome is like an oasis amidst a desert. 


The taiga features spruce trees. This biome is essentially very hilly and you can find foxes and wolves here. Occasionally you can also spot sugarcane plants. There is also a variant of this biome called snowy taiga which is literally covered with snow. Also, there is the ‘Great Tree Taiga’, which features mushrooms and thicker trees.

Snowy Tundra

This biome features lands covered in snow. Wildlife is rare to spot except polar bears and rabbits.


There are five variations of the ocean biome. Warm ocean biomes generate coral reefs where you can spot dolphins, pufferfish, and tropical fish. Lukewarm oceans generate seagrass and kelp and have the presence of cod, salmon, and the possibility for ocean monuments. Cold ocean biomes have less aquatic wildlife but still have cod, salmon, and dolphins. Frozen ocean biomes contain only salmon, squid, polar bears and ocean monuments. 

There are more uncommon biomes present in Minecraft like rivers, beaches, caves, swamps, etc. which are noteworthy as well. We have discussed A Complete Guide to different Minecraft Biomes which are most commonly sought for.

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