Deepwoken Roblox: How to Upgrade Your Mantras? 

Deepwoken – Roblox’s hit fighting game can be complicated and challenging. This guide will help you with your journey by covering the essential aspects of Mantras and How to upgrade your mantras in deepwoken? This post will discuss the new Deepwoken Magic Guide for an upgrade.

Roblox Deepwoken magic is mighty and can be very difficult to master. There are numerous choices accessible to suit all play styles. Deepwoken’s magic spells and magic can give the game a sense of grandeur and help to capture that mythical world.

Roblox Deepwoken will make magic one of your most essential battle tools. It may even be more valuable than the weapon you are using. Each of the magic types in Deepwoken has its own advantages. You can also tamper with them to change their eventual effects.

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How to Get a Mantra

Mantras can be described as the game’s version of magic and spells. These particular elements give you an extra boost in your attacks and grant your character benefits concerning their movement abilities. Deepwoken Mantras will be a significant apparatus for you as you progress through the game. Here’s how to get them. Here are some of the mantras that you will be prompted to use, you can choose any one of them-

  • Flamecharm
  • Thunderball
  • Frostdraw
  • Galbreath
  • Shadowcast

For now, the Power Card system is your best option to get more Mantras. Each Power Level you reach will grant you four Power Cards to enhance your deck. It shouldn’t be difficult as there are plenty of cards for each level.

How to Upgrade Your Mantras

  • Once you have a Mantra, make sure to share it with others.
  • Then, ensure you pick the “review” choice.
  • Now you’ll want to go to a Mantra shop to interact with the Mantra table
  • Drag the Mantra into the Table to modify it
  • To add more buffs to your quest, you can add ingredients you have collected. But be aware that if the component is not compatible with the Mantra, the element will be lost. Your Mantra will be kept.

Advantages of Upgrades

Upgrades allow you to gain a variety of buffs or make slight adjustments to your abilities. This can essentially further develop your harm result, development, and wellbeing.

The Cloudstone, for example, increases the Mantra’s overall power and can be applied to all Mantras. The Magnet Spark can be used only for the Electric Blade and Spark Swap. It adds homing projectiles and is unavailable for the Jolt Grab or Spark Swap. Below is the complete list of ingredients that you can use for upgrading mantras:

  • Drift Shard – Makes your projectiles faster
  • Cloudstone – Increases the size of your mantra’s capabilities
  • Stratus Stone – Upgraded version of the Cloudstone
  • Crystal Lens – Increases the range of your weapon
  • Rush Shard – An upgraded version of Drift Shard
  • Aeon Longstone – Makes your mantra’s effects more durable
  • Eternal Longstone – Upgraded version of the Aeon Longstone
  • Perfect Lens – Upgraded version to the Crystal Lens
  • Amnesiac Driftwood: Removes all modifications from your mantra
  • Vibrant Gem – Increases the intensity of elemental effects

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These are the essentials you should know about Mantras and upgrading them. Deepwoken will get many updates so watch out for new aides! We trust that you track down this supportive aide.

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