How To Disable Mods in Minecraft (Modpack, TLauncher)

Minecraft is one of the most favourite games worldwide with unique graphics and a good gaming experience. Behind this craze among players, the modes system of Minecraft is also there. These mods give players special powerups, but sometimes they have to disable them as they may build load on the server and sometimes create some issues.

When the internet speed is slow, it feels very annoying to look at frequent pop-ups on the screen. Well, no need to look for the solution for the same on other sources as today in this post, I’m going to guide you about how to disable mods in Minecraft.

What are Mods And What Do They Do in Minecraft?

I gave a small hint about mods that they can give new features to players. Mods modify the content running behind the backend of Minecraft. They not only add new features to the game but also make the overall gaming experience better. Players can even change the graphics of the game with these mods.

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What To Do To Disable Mods In Minecraft?

Before you step towards disabling mods, don’t forget to take a backup of the server. If you don’t back up, chances are high that the mods and their content will be permanently deleted and there is no way to get them back. 


  1. If some mods are not functioning well or clashing with others, you need to disable them. For this, get into the config folder of Minecraft and select the mods which you wish to disable.
  2. You can also do the same with this method if you are on the Forge server. Connect your server to FTP, open the server folder list and mark the checkboxes beside the mods which you want to disable. 
  3. If you wish, you can also disable mods from the PC. There are two methods for the same- the automatic method and the manual method. The manual one is for those users whose launcher is older than July 2021. Other users can follow the automatic method.
  4. In the automatic method, open your PC, go to the control panel and choose to uninstall or change a program option. Type TLauncher in the search bar. Select the mods that you want to disable and click on uninstall.
  5. If your launcher is installed in July 2021 or before, here is the manual method to disable mods in Minecraft. In this method, you have to delete both the folders of .minecraft and .tlauncher. If you are a Windows user, these folders will be in Users/Your_System_Name/Library/Application Support/. Else if you belong to Linux using gamers, just go to /home/Your_System_Name. 

How To Disable Mods In MODPack

  1. To those mods which you want to disable, add the .disable suffix at the end of their names.
  2. Log into the multicraft control panel and stop your server. 
  3. Go to the file section and select the FTP File Access option.
  4. Enter your FTP password, get into the server folder list and choose the mods folder. Now, choose the mods that you wish to disable. But, be alert, the filenames of mods should end with .jar.
  5. Then, click on the rename button and add the suffix .disabled at the end of those mod files which you are going to disable.
  6. Finally, click on the submit button. 

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