Does PGSharp Support Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS Joystick for Android

In the realm of mobile gaming, the use of third-party applications to enhance or modify the gaming experience has been a topic of interest for many gamers. One such application that has garnered attention is PGSharp, primarily known for its use with Pokémon Go.

In this article, we will see whether PGSharp is compatible with another popular game, Monster Hunter Now, especially in the context of using a fake GPS joystick on Android devices.

Can You Use PGSharp for Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS Joystick for Android?

PGSharp has made a name for itself as a third-party mod application specifically designed for Pokémon Go. It offers features like a fake GPS joystick, allowing players to simulate movement without physically moving, which is a significant advantage in a game like Pokémon Go that relies on physical location. However, when it comes to Monster Hunter Now, a game with its own unique gameplay and mechanics, PGSharp does not offer support.

This lack of support isn’t necessarily due to technical limitations but rather stems from the fact that PGSharp was tailored to the specific needs and features of Pokémon Go.

The architecture and functionality required to support Monster Hunter Now’s GPS and gaming elements are different, and as such, PGSharp is not compatible with Monster Hunter Now for the purpose of using a fake GPS joystick.

Try PGSharp Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS Alternative – iGPSGo

For Monster Hunter Now players seeking a similar experience to what PGSharp offers for Pokémon Go, there is an alternative worth considering: iGPSGo. This application is designed to provide fake GPS capabilities for a broader range of games and applications on Android devices, including Monster Hunter Now.

iGPSGo allows players to simulate movement within Monster Hunter Now, offering a similar level of convenience and functionality that PGSharp provides for Pokémon Go enthusiasts. This feature is particularly useful for players who wish to experience the game from different geographic locations without physically traveling.

how to use iGPSGo for Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS:

  1. First, you need to download and install iGPSGo on your device. 
  2. Open the iGPSGo app on your device.
  3. Using the map interface, choose the location where you want to appear in Monster Hunter Now.  
  4. Simulate Movement (If Needed)
  5. Once you have set your new location in iGPSGo, open Monster Hunter Now. The game should now recognize you as being in the new location you set through iGPSGo.

Does PGSharp Have a Development Plan for Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS Joystick?

As of the latest information available, PGSharp has not announced any plans to extend its support to Monster Hunter Now. The developers of PGSharp seem to be focusing on enhancing and maintaining their application for Pokémon Go players.

This decision might be influenced by the specific demand from the Pokémon Go community and the specialized nature of the app’s features that cater precisely to Pokémon Go’s gameplay.


So that’s all in this article. While PGSharp has revolutionized the Pokémon Go experience for many players by offering a fake GPS joystick on Android, it does not currently support Monster Hunter Now.

For Monster Hunter Now players, iGPSGo presents a viable alternative, offering similar fake GPS functionalities.

Unless the developers of PGSharp decide to expand their scope in the future, Monster Hunter Now enthusiasts will need to look towards other applications like iGPSGo to enhance their gaming experience with fake GPS features.

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