Dreadnought Summon Event MLBB Wiki – Minotaur Skin for Free

A super cool Minotaur skin is coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)! It’s called the Dreadnought skin, and it’s going to be available through the Dreadnought’s Summon Event from November 20 to December 31.

Minotaur’s Dreadnought Skin

This awesome skin turns Minotaur into a giant Dreadnought, wearing tough metal armor that makes him look unstoppable. With his big size and even stronger skills, Minotaur Dreadnought is sure to scare your enemies and help you win your games.

Play the Dreadnought’s Summon Event to Win Prizes

During the Dreadnought’s Summon Event, you can get Minotaur Dreadnought and other cool stuff. Here’s how to join in and get a better chance of getting this amazing skin:

Free Summon: Get your first summon for free to start your Dreadnought’s Summon adventure.

Lucky Draws: Use tickets or diamonds to do lucky draws and have a chance to win Minotaur Dreadnought and other valuable items.

Event Quests: Finish different challenges in the game to earn more tickets and increase your chances of getting cool stuff.

Don’t Miss Out on This Epic Event

The Dreadnought’s Summon Event is a must-play for any MLBB player who wants to unlock Minotaur Dreadnought and rule the battlefield. With its exclusive skin and great prizes, this event is not to be missed.

So, get ready to charge into battle with Minotaur Dreadnought and become the boss of the Land of Dawn. The Dreadnought’s Summon Event is your chance to show your power and lead your team to victory.

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