Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PC) Crack Status: What You Need to Know

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the highly anticipated reimagining of the beloved JRPG, has finally made its way to PC. However, due to the game’s use of the Epic Games Store, many players are wondering if there is a crack available yet.

As of now, there is no known working crack for Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PC). However, there are a few teams working on cracking the game, and it is possible that a crack will be released in the future.

Why is it Taking So Long?

There are a few reasons why it is taking so long to crack Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PC). First, the game uses a new version of the Denuvo DRM, which is a complicated anti-piracy system to crack. Second, the game is very large and complex, which makes it more difficult to reverse engineer.

What Can I Do in the Meantime?

If you are eager to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PC), you have a few options:

  • You can purchase the game on the Epic Games Store.
  • You can wait until a crack is released.
  • You can try to find a reputable seller selling the game for a discounted price.

What are the Risks of Using a Crack?

Using a crack is always a risk, as it could potentially harm your computer. Cracks can often contain malware and can also be used to steal your personal information.


It is still too early to say when a crack for Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PC) will be released. However, it is possible that a crack will be released in the future. If you are considering using a crack, be sure to do your research and only use cracks from reputable sources.

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