Fortnite Bhangra Boogie Codes (Fortnite x OnePlus) 2023

This goes without saying, Fortnite never ceases to amaze when it comes to entertaining its players. After all, Fortnite cosmetics have been one of the hottest in-game purchases for the company. Users can easily shop for these products using V-Bucks right at GameStop.

This time around, Fortnite introduced its first Indian emote known as the ‘Bhangra Boogie’ in association with OnePlus, based on the traditional Punjabi dance. So, in this article, we are going to discuss how you can get the Bhangra Boogie to emote for your game. 

How to Get Bhangra Boogie Emote for OnePlus devices?

For all the OnePlus users, follow through the steps down below to obtain the Bhangra Boogie emote completely for free:

  • Simply log in to your OnePlus account on your smartphone 
  • Find the IMEI number and PCBA number of your smartphone 
  • Once you have acquired the numbers, go to this link to verify them
  • Now, head over to the official website of Fortnite and redeem your code

Once you have followed through the steps, you can find the Bhangra Boogie emote sitting right on your Fortnite account. 

Bhangra Boogie Emote for Non-OnePlus Devices

There are instances where you might not have any OnePlus device to redeem the code. That doesn’t mean you should get your morals down just yet. Here are some of the other ways to redeem your code. 

How to get Bhangra Boogie Codes?

1. Use Any Code Generator 

Code Generators are by far one of the most common ways to redeem any emote for Fortnite. The process is kept barely simple as well. Head over to the website, generate your code, and Viola! Redeem your code on the Fortnite Official Website. There are many remote code generators on the internet but there are lots of fake and scam generators solely made for phishing or completing CPA offers scam, so we recommend staying away from these types of code generators.

2. Purchase Emote Codes Online 

While code generators are a hit and trial, with no certainty to get them working, there’s another way around as well. On the contrary, there are some online stores where you can get emote codes at dead cheap. Here are some of the most commonly used marketplaces to buy Fortnite codes: 

  1. eBay
  2. Eneba
  3. 4Nite

The Bottom Line

The introduction of the Bhangra Boogie emotes ensures that Fortnite is made a substantial user base among the Indian audience. While this emote is completely free to obtain for OnePlus devices, it might still require some workaround for other devices. So let us know in the comment section below, how your gameplay turned out.

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