Free Fire Glitch File Download (February 2024): Free Skins & Emotes

Are you an online gamer looking for significant updates and reviews of your favourite games and searching for a Free Fire Glitch File Download Link? If yes then you are in the correct place. No wonder online games receive a lot of thought. With tons of online games out there, Free Fire has certainly beaten many of them, grabbing the attention of enthusiastic gamers.

This is a trendy battle royale game brought out by Garena way back in 2017. You can freely play this game with several microtransactions online. You can grab several attractive items in the collection of Free fire ranging from character skins, weapon skins, and emotes. A glitch file for free fire can be handy in this scenario.

Features of Free Fire Glitch File

Now, with the regular updating of skins quite frequently, you need to know the trick of accessing all those in one go. Getting all cosmetics at once can be challenging and require hours of slogging. Some of the emotes and cosmetics are locked behind a payment process.

So there might be some timed-out exclusives that are gone forever after you miss the chance. To save you from all such hassles, you have a Glitch file for free fire, which can get you all the lucrative weapons of the game for absolutely free. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t have to shed any money to get your character in your way.

What is a Free Fire Glitch file?

Well, this is a mod file that will alter the image file of Free Fire and transform it into your favourite character. The character will look different to you and not to any other player.

How to Download Free Fire Glitch File

The glitch file lets you access all the emotes and cosmetics you want. Here’s the trick to get you started on the Glitch file for free fire download:

  • First, set ZArchiver to download. You can also download any Rar Extractor.
  • Next, put the Glitch file for free fire download from
  • Enter your password – “SUBSCRIBE”
  • After the extract, copy com.dts.freefireth folder, which you have just extracted. Paste to this path – Android -> Data
  • Select Yes when you asked to replace the prevailing folder
  • Installation of the mod is complete. Confirm it by opening Garena.

When installing the mod, go to the store and choose your favourite bundles. Check out the list of bundles for the Glitch file for free fire right below. Now, exit the Store. You should be able to see your character flaunting the bundle you selected. You can keep the pile with you forever.

So, what can you get as a bundle of Free Fire glitch files?

Following are your winnings with the Glitch file for free fire.

VIP Pack includes

  • All-in-One Emote Pack
  • VIP Pack – 1
  • VIP Pack – 2
  • VIP Pack – 3
  • Antenna Glitch
  • Legendary Guns Skin Pack

Bundles for you consist of

  • B2K Bundle, Criminal Yellow
  • Criminal Red, Hip Hop, Sakura
  • Legendary, Street Boy, Vampire
  • TRAP, Criminal Blue, White444
  • Ajju Bhai, Koi Bundle, Legendary

Fist Skin has

  • Cobra Fist
  • Dragon Fist
  • Fire Fist
  • One-Punch Fist

Emotes have

  • 10 Emotes

Gun Skin includes

  • EVO AK47, EVO M1014
  • Titan Scar, EVO Scar
  • EVO XM8, Lava MP5
  • Poker MP40, M1887


So, get going with your favourite character in the most attractive cosmetic and emote. However, since you are modifying the local game file, you should use a secure system to avoid any malicious attack.

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