Free Fire ID Search Online – How to Find Free Fire IGN?

Free Fire ID search online is how to search anyone’s IGN in the free fire. In this article, we are gonna share how you can find your IGN and search for other players and add them as friends. FF username helps distinguish between players.

Talking about how you can track other player stats, first, you need to have the IGN (In-Game-Name) or Username of the player you want to follow. A Free Fire ID is a combination of 5-12 numeral characters, that are randomly generated. You cannot choose your ID in the game unlike your in-game nickname (IGN). You can also gift, report, and track other player stats, which makes the game more transparent.

How to find Free Fire ID

You need to follow the steps given below to find Your Free Fire ID:

  1. To begin with, open Free Fire Game and click on the profile (On the top-left corner of the main menu)
  2. When the profile of the player opens up, the Free Fire ID and username would be visible.

You can copy the ID by pressing the ‘COPY’ button beside it.

How to search other Player ID

  1. To begin with, open Free Fire Game, now click the “Friends” icon present on the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the “ADD” button
  3. Now, Enter the Free Fire ID on the search bar.
  4. Now you would be able to view the player’s profile (if you have entered all the details correct)
  5. Click the “+” if you want to send them a friend request.

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