Unused Free PSN Codes (March 2023)

Are you obsessed with PlayStation games? If your answer is yes, then the concept of free PSN codes shouldn’t be a new thing for you. PlayStation Network Card or PSN card helps in recharging the PlayStation credit needed to buy PS4 games and game credit through PlayStation Store.

It acts as a currency for playing PSN games. You will get various options to choose from to make the payment. The users of the PlayStation Network, mainly youngsters, do not have to spend now. They will get a PSN code instead. Here, you just need to press the button ‘Free PSN Codes’ and then follow the instructions given to winning your PSN card for free. The process takes around 5 minutes.

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List of Free PSN codes

The PSN code Generator produces unlimited codes used to obtain certain things on PlayStation Network. You can use this generator for free. The codes contain a 12-digit number. The list of free PSN codes is:

  • DF4D-F45F-45S4
  • 846D-GGD5-FD45
  • SGS8-84FD-484B
  • 48PS-845S-SDS4
  • DFA4-SS6F-AF4A
  • FAF33-QW18-PP50

Go Grab Free PSN codes

If you are an avid lover of PSN games, you would always want to achieve more. It is in no way possible that you love PSN games but is satisfied with just one. Here, you will come to know about sites from where you can get free PSN codes. Interesting right? There are many YouTubers and social media personalities who giveaway PSN codes with simply one condition. You will have to subscribe to their channel or follow them and ask your friends to do the same.

The problem here is competition. Several other subscribers would also want to try their luck. So, do you stand a chance to win? Make sure that you follow a trustworthy person who is a promising giveaway. Follow the personal account, gaming, and channels where you get multiple offers of wallet codes, Google plays gift cards and PSN codes. You can even look for the accounts of the winners and follow in their footsteps. What’s more, you can look into Google for help to get the required information on earning free PSN codes.

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Credit card Generators, Amazon gift cards, and Visa gift cards are some ways to purchase PSN codes directly. Many frauds try their hands to earn money and do not offer authentic PSN codes. In fact, you can try your hand at real reward point websites where you can earn limitless points on completing offers. These websites are authentic and give everyone equal opportunities to win. For this, you will have to get yourself registered through an account and start earning points. However, do not ignore mentioned rules, or else your efforts will all be in vain.

Some Authentic Websites

  • Swagbucks– you earn points for daily tasks here and after redeeming, exchange them for gift cards.
  • Sony Rewards- there are many ways of receiving points on the Sony website and you can use them on the Sony store.
  • Fetch Rewards– you scan your grocery receipts, earn points on specific products and win rewards.
  • InstaGC- listen to music, browse, watch videos, and shop and win points here.
  • Mistplay– play new games on your Android phone and unlock new levels to fetch points.
  • Ibotta- buy products from a specified retailer and earn points here.

You can check for free PSN codes on these websites. Already overexcited? Well, make sure not to take the wrong step amidst all the fun. Always double-check the instruction and then take a decision.

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