God of War Chronological Order (June 2024)

Get engaged in this article, to know and learn about all the details of the God of War in Chronological order.

10 years and a large portion of that have served the God of War adventure to set up a good foundation for itself as probably the best selective in the whole Sony inventory. Every one of these portions has verged on greatness and has crawled into its own benefits among the best titles of its age.

God of War: Ascension

One of the most extraordinary God of War adventures is Ascension. God of War Ascension was dispatched in the sundown of PlayStation 3, only a couple of months before PS4 when individuals exclusively desired the new Sony console. At the plot level, the title is set before some other.

In particular, a half year after Kratos erroneously killed certain individuals. The narrative of the game reveals to us how, therefore, the Ghost of Sparta opposed Ares and battled with the Furies, who needed to rebuff him for his injustice.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

The primary side project of the adventure for PSP, Chains of Olympus, was done by Ready at Dawn and portrayed a portion of the missions that Kratos needed to accomplish for the divine beings during the ten years that he was in their administration, as though a copy of Hercules and his works.

From shielding Attica from the Persians to saving Helios from the hands of Morpheus, going through new showdowns against the incredible figures of Greek folklore, like Persephone or Charon.

God of War

In God of War, and after over ten years of serving the divine beings, Kratos is entrusted with the mission of killing Ares, the God of War. A mission by which he desires to at last discover harmony and save Greece prior to continuing with his self-destruction.

Directed by Athena, Kratos sets out looking for Pandora’s Box, the just one with enough ability to battle Ares. His excursion before long transforms into a paramount epic filled with flashbacks from quite a while ago, forthcoming records, and fights against jellyfish, minotaurs, hydras, Kerberos, and all way of mystical animals.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Prepared at Dawn would rehash the adventure on PSP after the achievement of Chains of Olympus and would mention to us what befell Kratos once he completed Ares and had his spot as God of War. The Ghost of Sparta story was massively unique and he hauled a sibling out of Kratos’ sleeve, Deimos, and surprisingly clarified how his trademark tattoo was made and what are the beginnings of the scar on his eye.

In his new lord of Olympus status, the Ghost of Sparta would need to look for his mom to attempt to disentangle the secrets encompassing his introduction to the world and family. Kratos would embrace one more experience to explain what befell Deimos, whom he had consistently accepted to be dead, however, he currently suspects is alive.

God of War II

Kratos is released as the God of War and, similarly, to what occurred with Ares, Olympus becomes weary of him and chooses to dispose of him. In this manner starts God of War II, in whose first level Zeus double-crosses the Spartan, removes his forces, and, at long last, takes his life. In any case, it would not have been that simple to kill the Ghost of Sparta.

God of War III

This is the last fight between Kratos and Olympus, between the Titans and the children of Zeus. The finish of an extraordinary set of three, with probably the best last matches recalled.

God of War

Lastly, we would have the GOTY of 2018, the portion that reformed and rehashed the adventure and that has not just had us in tension on PlayStation 4, yet in addition, appears to be that it will likewise do as such on PlayStation 5.

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