GP Muthu Phone Number, Contact Number (September 2023)

The craziness about the social media sensation called, GP Muthu is increasing day by day. People are desperately looking for GP Muthu’s phone number. But before knowing the contact information about GP Muthu, we must know who is this person.

GP Thalaivar Muthu is a woodworker by trade, and he enjoys filming TikTok videos. He used to have almost a million followers on the Chinese video-sharing app. Muthu comes from a tiny town in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district. In his state, he is a celebrity. You may get GP Muthu’s phone number and address to send letters and packages.

He is a native of Udankudi in the Thoothukudi area, and he owns and operates a wood store that buys and sells timber. His wife and four children survive him. A vast number of people were fans of Tick Tok. The actual Tamil voice from the southern area is what draws a lot of viewers to many of the films he releases regularly.

GP Muthu Phone Number

However, he has many admirers from Tamil Nadu and other countries who follow him on many famous social media platforms. Since TikTok was prohibited, GP Muthu has been chiefly posting videos on prominent social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

Only then did he encounter significant life challenges. He claims she doesn’t have enough money to purchase food for her children. Only then did he start using TikTok, a popular app at the time, on his phone. He claimed to have posted up to 80 TikTok videos every day. He claims to be hooked to TikTok in particular.

Due to domestic issues, he tried suicide one day. Meanwhile, Tik Tok was deemed illegal for information theft. He has been quite angry since then due to the Tik Tok ban and has not dined for three days. Since then, he’s started producing Instagram reel videos. He also launched a YouTube channel, which quickly grew to 988k followers.

GP Muthu Phone Number

Previously, Gp Muthu was released from the hospital to his house in October 2020, after getting therapy for a spontaneous suicide attempt owing to occupational harm by corona, which included depression about his father.

Finally, Udankudi TikTok Thalaivar GP Muthu released his phone number and WhatsApp contact number in the YouTube video, which is +91 9246328133.

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