Harem Hotel Cheat Codes (December 2023)

Harem Hotel is a popular adult game that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. In this game, you play the role of a character who has inherited a hotel and has to manage it while also building relationships with the female characters. As with most games, cheat codes are available for Harem Hotel that can help players to get ahead and make their gameplay experience more enjoyable.

Harem Hotel Cheat Codes are a series of commands that can be used to unlock special features, bonuses, or items in the game. These cheat codes can be entered into the game’s console, which can be accessed by pressing the F1 key. By using these codes, players can get money, max stats, and access exclusive scenes.

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How to Redeem Harem Hotel Cheat Codes

To redeem Harem Hotel Cheat Codes, players must first enable cheats by typing “candy” in the game’s console. Once cheats have been enabled, players can enter cheat codes by typing them into the console.

List of Harem Hotel Cheat Codes

List of Harem Hotel Cheat Codes Here is a list of some of the most popular cheat codes for Harem Hotel:

Harem Hotel Cheat Codes for Money:

  • makeitrain: Gives you $1,000
  • makeitstorm: Gives you $999,999

Harem Hotel Cheat Codes for Stats:

  • jumptoend: Maxes out every character’s stats up to the last update, gives you all the money, and more.
  • jumptoend_lin: Maxes out Lin’s stats
  • jumptoend_kali: Maxes out Kali’s stats
  • jumptoend_ash: Maxes out Ashley’s stats
  • jumptoend_maria: Maxes out Maria’s stats
  • jumptoend_bot: Maxes out Android’s stats
  • jumptoend_F&E: Maxes out Felicity & Emma’s stats
  • jumptoend_autumn: Maxes out Autumn’s stats

Harem Hotel Cheat Codes for Extra Scenes:

  • truestory: Convert Felicity and Emma (the cheerleaders) from Clones to Twins (New!)
  • spinningtv: Add a purple mod
  • slaveroute_nia: Changes Nia’s route to the Slave Route
  • loveroute_nia: Changes Nia’s route to the Love Route
  • slaveroute_sylvia: Changes Sylvia’s route to the Slave Route
  • loveroute_sylvia: Changes Sylvia’s route to the Love Route

More Codes:

  • dayplus10: Adds 10 Days
  • changename: Changes your name

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Harem Hotel Cheat Codes can be a great way to enhance your gameplay experience and make the game more enjoyable. However, players should keep in mind that using cheat codes can also affect the game’s balance and make it less challenging. It is recommended to use cheat codes in moderation and only when necessary.

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