Heir of Light Eclipse Tier List (March 2024): Best Characters

Heir of Light is a popular mobile RPG that features a wide variety of characters to collect and build. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which characters are the best. That’s where our Heir of Light Eclipse Tier List comes in.

This tier list ranks the best characters in Heir of Light based on their performance in the Eclipse update. We consider a variety of factors in our rankings, including damage output, survivability, utility, and synergy with other characters.

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Heir of Light Eclipse Tier List


  1. Leto (Dark)
  2. Heylel (Dark)
  3. Carmilla (Water)
  4. Leto (Light)
  5. Rem (Fire)
  6. Lucien (Light)


  1. Lucien (Fire)
  2. Xita (Light)
  3. Dunkelhund (Dark)
  4. Gretel (Light)
  5. Torhino (Forest)
  6. Enoch (Dark)
  7. Torhino (Water)
  8. Laura (Fire)
  9. Xita (Fire)
  10. Rem (Water)
  11. Xita (Water)
  12. Carmilla (Light)
  13. Lucien [A] (Dark)
  14. Gwyllgi (Dark)
  15. Leto [A] (Forest)
  16. Mary (Water)
  17. Lucien [A] (Forest)


  1. Enoch (Light)
  2. Lucien [A] (Water)
  3. Hern (Forest)
  4. Lucien (Water)
  5. Saighead (Water)
  6. Griselda (Forest)
  7. Laura (Light)
  8. Leto [A] (Forest)
  9. Mary (Light)
  10. Leto (Water)
  11. Xita (Dark)
  12. Leto [A] (Water)
  13. Hern (Light)
  14. Hern (Water)
  15. Lucien (A) [Water]
  16. Leto [A] (Fire)
  17. Miya (Forest)


  1. Ishmael (Dark)
  2. Belladonas (Fire)
  3. Koume (Water)

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Tier List Guide

Here we have made a small guide on how you can create a strong team in Heir of Light Eclipse:

  • Consider the elemental matchups. Each character has an elemental affinity, which can give them an advantage or disadvantage against enemies of a different element. For example, water characters are strong against fire characters but weak against wind characters.
  • Balance your team composition. You’ll need a mix of damage dealers, tanks, and healers to create a well-rounded team. Don’t forget to include support characters as well, such as those who can buff or debuff enemies.
  • Synergy is key. When choosing characters for your team, look for ones that have skills that complement each other. For example, you might want to pair a damage dealer with a healer who can keep them alive.
  • Experiment and find what works for you. There is no one right way to build a team in Heir of Light Eclipse. The best way to find a team that works for you is to experiment and see what works best.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the Heir of Light Eclipse Tier List. Be sure to check back often for updates, as we will continue to update this list as new characters are released.

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