Hello Neighbour QR Code (April 2024)

Several Hello Neighbor books can find a number of Quick Response (QR) Codes. A QR Code was initially shown in Alpha 3, the most recent one from Act 3 of the whole Hello Neighbor game.


Alpha 3

Several steps are required to locate the Alpha 3 hello neighbour QR code. The QR code for Alpha 3 is broken into two pieces and can’t be found in one location. You can get half of it by completing the game and then looking through one of the keyholes.

However, the remaining half of the game must be unlocked as you play. There is a ladder towards the ‘middle’ of the house’s exterior that you will need to climb. That’s the same stairwell that leads to the Alpha 4 apple-shooting room. The code is located in a sequence of chambers that must be explored after climbing the ladder.

Beta 3

You’ll need to use the tinyBuild edition of the game to access the Beta 3 QR code. Please get a new save file and continue the game a little further once you beat it. You need to scan the QR code that just appeared. If you can read this after scanning the code, congratulations: you’ve successfully altered your memory.

Act 3

In Act 3, you’ll need to visit Nicky’s house to locate the QR code. Don’t visit the Neighbor’s destroyed home because doing so will start a cutscene. Parkour your way upstairs to Nicky’s residence instead. While Nicky’s room will be vacant, Nicky’s parents’ room will have a red circle in the corner. The secret code is located near the process.

It will say, “Now you have all the parts,” after you scan the code. Delete me if you want to. Please don’t do anything until I give you the go-ahead. Initially, it would help if you were looking for a green signal. When the moment comes, type *AI errorDumping=0*.


To play Hello Neighbor, you must use your stealth skills to get into your Neighbor’s house and discover what terrible things he has stashed away in the basement. Artificial intelligence that can adapt to your playstyle is your opponent.

Is it fun for you to enter your home from the backyard window? This area is likely to include a bear trap. A secret entrance through the foyer? Cameras will shortly monitor the area. Are you making a break for it? The Next Door Neighbor will figure out a way to get around you.

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