Hoops Life Controls PC, XBOX (June 2023)

Welcome to our Roblox Hoops Life Controls guide for PC and Xbox controller users. Hoops Life is an exciting basketball game on Roblox that requires you to dribble, shoot, guard, switch hands, and dunk your way to the top of the scoreboard. If you’re new to the game, getting familiar with the controls is crucial for success.

In this post, we’ll cover all the controls for Hoops Life on PC and Xbox. We’ll also highlight the differences between using the D-pad and the right stick, as well as provide a list of dribble moves and their associated controls.

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PC Controls for Hoops Life

Here’s a table of all the PC controls for Hoops Life:

ActionPC Control
Switch HandsH
CrossZ in Right Hand, C in Left Hand
HesiZ in Left Hand, C in Right Hand
Behind the backZX, CX
Fake SpinZXZ, CXC
Between the legsXX
Normal LobT + 1,2,3,4
Backboard LobB + 1,2,3,4
Self LobV
Overhead Pass1,2,3,4
Chest PassShift + 1,2,3,4
Drop BallP
Follow people In gymTab

As you can see, the PC controls for Hoops Life are straightforward and easy to use. Some notable controls include shooting with the “E” key, guarding with the “G” key, and switching hands with the “H” key. Additionally, you can execute a step back with the “X” key and perform a cross using the “Z” and “C” keys.

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Dribble Moves PC Controls

Dribbling is an essential part of Hoops Life. Here are the controls for some of the most popular dribble moves on PC:

Dribble MovePC Control
Hesi (Ball in right hand)Press C
Hesi (Ball in left hand)Press Z
Crossover (Ball in right hand)Press Z
Crossover (Ball in left hand)Press C
Double Crossover (Ball in right hand)Press ZZ
Double Crossover (Ball in left hand)Press CC
StepBackPress X
Between The LegsDouble Tap X (Quickly)
Behind The Back (Ball in right hand)Press CX
Behind The Back (Ball in left hand)Press ZX
SPIN (Ball in right hand)Press CXZ (Quickly)
SPIN (Ball in left hand)Press ZXC (Quickly)

As you can see, performing dribble moves on a PC is simple and intuitive. To execute a Hesi, press “C” when the ball is in your right hand, and press “Z” when the ball is in your left hand. To perform a crossover, press “Z” or “C” depending on the hand holding the ball. You can also execute a step back, a behind-the-back move, and a spin move with ease.

Dribbling Moves Xbox (Dpad & Right Stick)

MoveDpad XboxRight Stick Xbox
HesiDpad Right in the right hand, Dpad Left in the left handFlight Right In Right Hand, Flick Left in the left hand
StepbackDPAD DownFlick down
SpinDpad Left + Dpad Right + Dpad Down, Dpad Right + Dpad Left + Dpad DownFlick Right + Flick Down + Flick Left, Flick Left + Flick Down + Flick Right
CrossDpad right in Left Hand or Dpad Left in Right HandFlick Right In Left Hand, Flick Left In Right Hand
Fake SpinDpad Right + Dpad Down + Dpad Right In or Dpad Left + Dpad Down + Dpad LeftFlick UP
Between LegsDpad Down + Dpad DownDouble Flick Down (Fast)
Behind the backDpad Right + Dpad Down, Dpad Left + Dpad DownFlick Right + Flick Down, Flick Left + Flick Down

Which Method is Better?

When it comes to dribbling in Hoops Life, which method is better: using the DPAD or using the right stick? The answer is that it depends on personal preference.

Some players prefer the precision and predictability of using the DPAD. With the DPAD, you know exactly which move you’re going to perform, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally flicking the stick in the wrong direction.

Other players prefer the fluidity and versatility of using the right stick. With the right stick, you can perform moves more quickly and smoothly, and you have more control over the direction and speed of your moves.

Ultimately, the best way to figure out which method you prefer is to try them both out and see which one feels more comfortable and natural to you.


Hoops Life is an amazing Roblox game that offers a fun and engaging basketball experience. Whether you’re playing on PC or Xbox, it’s important to know the different controls and dribble moves that are available to you.

With this guide, you should now have a better understanding of the various Hoops Life controls and dribble moves, as well as the differences between using the DPAD and the right stick. So grab your controller and hit the court – it’s time to show off your skills in Hoops Life!

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