How Much Data Does Pokemon Go Use

How Much Data Does Pokemon Go Use? (February 2024)

We’re sure you’re out and about in your neighbourhood or even city, playing Pokemon Go with your phone glued to your hand. Pokemon Go displays Pokemon in the real world using GPS and a camera. Because the game requires you to continue to use your GPS to track your position, you’re probably already annoyed by the quantity of data it consumes. It’s entertaining and addictive, but it’s also a major data hog. Many gamers have expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s use of all of their mobile data. 

That means you’ll be out of range of your home Wi-Fi network, and you’ll have to rely on mobile data. Some “tricks,” such as downloading offline maps in Google Maps (while it’s an excellent feature for Maps! ), won’t save you much data, and the Pokémon Go app itself can’t reduce data use much.

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How Much Data Does Pokemon Go use?

Since this is a game where you have to continuously roam around different places you can estimate how much data Pokémon Go will eat from your daily data pack. The frequency with which you visit PokéStops, attend gyms, and the battle will affect your data use. We used less than 20MB of mobile data while walking around for roughly an hour while actively playing Pokémon Go, which is little in comparison to the multiple gigabytes of data you presumably spend each month.

That said, it’s vital to understand that Pokémon Go is actively collecting data when you’re out of the home since it needs to update in order for the game to function.

The game was released in July 2016 and quickly became a smash hit, as well as a worldwide social phenomenon. Analyzed the pre-summer of 2016 that there was no creating some distance from Pokémon Go. “Pokémon Go” consumes around 25 megabytes in an eight-hour time period or fairly various megabytes every hour. When you consider that other information hogs like Facebook and Snapchat chew through a lot more data, this was a fantastic find. One hour of browsing web-based media may consume 90 gigabytes, according to Cisco’s online VNI Services Gauge Tool.

Pokémon Go Revenue and Data Usage Statistics

This study will help you in finding How much information does Pokémon Go utilize, or how much information does Pokémon Go consume? The principal month’s income for Pokémon Go was $207 million, another high. This was notwithstanding the way that its dissemination surged, with Japanese conveyance holding off on showing up until around fourteen days following wide conveyance. It was likewise the most downloaded, beating other worldwide outlines, and acquiring $100 million in only 20 days.

Tips for saving data when playing Pokémon Go

However the Pokémon Go application doesn’t consume a great deal of information, there are a couple of things you can do to bring down the application’s information use as well as your general information utilization when you’re out playing possibly.

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Keep your Wi-Fi on

Assuming that you’re in a city with many open Wi-Fi passageways, keep your Wi-Fi turned on and bounce on open organizations to save some information while you’re out. Assuming that you’ll be stationary for a couple of moments, there’s no great explanation not to utilize the free Wi-Fi at a close-by Starbucks or Mcdonald’s.


People are so engrossed in playing Pokémon Go that they completely overlook the state of their phones. Pokemon Go is said to consume a lot of data on older models of phones. The data is used at a rate of 30MB to 50MB per hour on average. 

However, it is quite convenient to play it on the most recent versions of phones that allow gaming and come with a large amount of storage and RAM. The average consumption for a half-hour on the phone is roughly 15MB to 20MB. These gaming phones, such as the iPhone and the Asus Rog Phone III, have significantly enhanced performance.

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