How to Add Friends on Coin Master: Get Free Spins & Coins

Coin Master is a free single-player mobile game which has gained popularity since its inception in 2015. As it has been the most popular game around the world for quite some time people have many queries about it. The most interesting part of this game is that you can add your own friends and play with them. also, the new invitation from friends will help you bag coins and rewards. So, the most asked query is definitely “How to add friends on Coin Master”. No need to worry as I will take you on a step-by-step guide on this very topic through this article.

Stepwise Guide on How to add friends on Coin Master

  1. Make sure that your own Facebook account is connected to the game.
  2. Please copy the link and send it to your friends via WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other messaging app.
  3. You can also invite friends by proceeding to the Menu of this game. Then, you will see the Facebook name of your friend. Just click on the name of your friend and you are good to go.

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The process of getting rewards from inviting new friends

You can receive free spins as a reward by inviting your friends. Before doing that you have to keep in mind that your friend, who is invited, has never played or had the game installed previously on their smartphone.

You need to follow some rules to receive the free rewards. They are :

  1. Your friend, who has been invited by you must use your invitation link.
  2. Through that link, he has to download the game on his device.
  3. Launch the Coin Master app and log in with his Facebook account.

This will help you in getting the reward of free spins.

The rewards for adding new friends on coin master are 100 spins and cards every day from your invited friends. If two people invite the same friend only one will get rewards whose invite the friend has accepted. Why didn’t you get the rewards even after adding friends? The answer is loud and clear. Your friend did not click on your invitation link. He or she might have played the game before or might have the game pre-installed on his or her device. If that happens you will not receive any rewards whatsoever.

How many friends can you add to Coin Master?

The answer is that you do have a limitation of inviting or adding friends which is 250. After 250 successful invitations, you can’t invite more friends. You can make a round of 15000 spins if you successfully invite them. You can only see 151 friends on your list and this is one of the limitations of this game. Other friends on your friend list may not appear but you will be visible on their list.

When you do have some friends on your list, you can raid their village for some coins. Certainly, you can gift them some coins as well. This works both ways. Whenever you give your friends 10,000 coins in Coin Master, you get a spin absolutely FREE.

Isn’t it the most exciting game ever? It certainly is! For more updates on your gaming acumen do follow! Happy Gaming!

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