How to Add Friends on Dice Dreams [Guide]

Dice Dreams is a popular mobile game that allows players to roll dice and progress through various levels while competing against other players. Like many other games, one of the most enjoyable aspects of Dice Dreams is playing with friends. In this article, we’ll go over how to add friends on Dice Dreams so that you can connect with your buddies and compete together.

Step 1: Open the Game and Go to the Friends Section

The first step to adding friends on Dice Dreams is to open the game and navigate to the friend section. To do this, simply open the game and click on the “Friends” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the main menu.

Step 2: Choose How to Add Friends

Once you’ve accessed the friend section of Dice Dreams, you’ll be presented with a few different options for adding friends. These options include:

  • Facebook Friends: If you have linked your Facebook account to Dice Dreams, you can add your Facebook friends who also play the game. To do this, simply click on the “Facebook Friends” option and follow the prompts to connect to your Facebook account.
  • Game Friends: You can also add friends directly within the game by clicking on the “Game Friends” option. This will allow you to search for other players by their usernames or game ID.
  • Friend Code: Lastly, you can add friends using a unique friend code that is generated by the game. To do this, click on the “Friend Code” option and share your code with friends who also play the game. Alternatively, you can enter your friend’s code to add them as a friend.

Step 3: Find and Add Friends

Once you’ve chosen how you want to add friends, the next step is to actually find and add them. If you’re adding Facebook friends, the game will automatically show you which of your Facebook friends are already playing Dice Dreams. From there, you can send them a friend request and wait for them to accept.

If you’re adding friends within the game or using a friend code, you’ll need to search for your friends using their username, game ID, or friend code. Once you’ve found them, simply click on their profile and send them a friend request.

Step 4: Accept Friend Requests

If someone sends you a friend request, you’ll receive a notification within the game. To accept the request, simply click on the notification and follow the prompts to add them as a friend.

Step 5: Play with Your Friends

Now that you’ve added friends on Dice Dreams, it’s time to start playing together! You can compete against each other on the leaderboards or even team up to take on the game’s challenges. Plus, playing with friends can earn you bonus rewards and make the game even more enjoyable.


In conclusion, adding friends on Dice Dreams is a simple process that can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re connecting with friends through Facebook, in-game search, or friend codes, the steps are straightforward and easy to follow. So why not add some friends and see how much more fun Dice Dreams can be with a little friendly competition?

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