How to Awaken Fruit in Blox Fruits

If you are not sure about what goes into awakening Blox Fruits, then this article is for you. In this article, we will mention your doubt and clear them at the same time. Roblox is a very much popular online game that was released in 2006. It was developed and published by Roblox Corporation.

This game was released on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, macOS, Fire OS, and Classic Mac OS.

What is Raid in Blox Fruits?

In the recent update, Roblox has released a game mode called Raid. This update let the player allow to grind Raid for a new currency called Fragments(used for awakening your fruits).

Fragments depend upon the Raid. After a Raid, you will be rewarded anywhere from 250-1000 Fragments and may be combined with 4.5x depending upon the time you have taken on the Raid. And if you have already been rewarded with 1000 fragments which max reward then the time bonus will not be applied.

Note: Fragments can be spent after beating a Raid with its corresponding Fruit.

After the complete Raid, the game will teleport you to the completely unknown entity where the entity allows you to pay Fragments to awaken a skill. You can’t get the complete skill at the time. You have to be patient and earn enough Fragments from grinding Raids and start awakening your Fruit.

What are the Raid Requirements?

In this section, we are mentioning some of the points through which you can participate in Raid. You just need to go through these points and gain some in-game qualifications.

  • Reach 1100 to Host Raid- If you are new to the world then you need lots of experience and grind to reach at 1100 level.
  • A Raid Chip- You have to purchase a Raid chip for Raid which cost 100,000 Beli once every 2 hours. It is necessary to join or start Raids.
  • Powerful Equipment- It takes lots of experience for every player in this term. Because while participating in Raids you need to be powerful enough to survive and have fighting skills too. This makes Raids easy if you are powerful enough to compete.

Which Fruits Can be Awakened?

This section is all about how many Fruits can be Awakened. So, now there are currently eleven Blox Fruits in the Roblox Game. There are mentioned below-

  • Flame
  • Ice
  • Quake
  • Dark
  • Light
  • String
  • Rumble
  • Magma
  • Buddha
  • Sand
  • Phoenix

Each of the fruits has there various skills that you can awaken. Make sure that different fruits may cost you different costs for awakening your skills.


  • 500 Fragments for Burning Blast
  • 3,000 Fragments for Prominence Burst
  • 4,000 Fragments for Flaming Vortex
  • 5,000 Fragments for Flaming Destroyer
  • 2,000 Fragments for Rocket Flight

In total, you need almost 14,500 Fragments for Flame


  • 500 Fragments for Ice Spears
  • 3,000 Fragments for Glacial Surge
  • 4,000 Fragments for Ice Dragon
  • 5,000 Fragments for Absolute Zero
  • 2,000 Fragments for Ice Skating

Awakening Ice Fruit will cost you 14,500 Fragments in total.


  • 1,000 Fragments for Fatal Demolisher
  • 3,000 Fragments for Air Crusher
  • 5,000 Fragments for Spatial Shockwave
  • 8,000 Fragments for Seaquake

This Fruit is quite expensive and requires almost 17,000 Fragments in total.


  • 500 Fragments for Dimensional Slash
  • 3,000 Fragments for Abyssal Darkness
  • 4,000 Fragments for Endless Hole
  • 5,000 Fragments for World of Darkness
  • 2,000 Fragments for Ghastly Step

This Fruit costs you the same as Flame and Ice, in total 14,500 Fragments.


  • 500 Fragments for Divine Arrow
  • 3,000 Fragments for Swords of Judgement
  • 4,000 Fragments for Light Speed Destroyer
  • 5,000 Fragments for Wrath of God
  • 2,000 Fragments for Shining Flight

in total, this Fruit will cost you around 14,500.


  • 800 Fragments for Thermal Laceration
  • 3,500 Fragments for Silk Prison
  • 4,500 Fragments for Eternal White
  • 6,000 Fragments for Heavenly Punishment
  • 2,500 Fragments for God’s Highway

This is the Third most expensive Fruit. It cost you 17,300 Fragments to awaken completely.


  • 500 Fragments for Lightning Beast
  • 3,000 Fragments for Thunderstorm
  • 4,000 Fragments for Sky Judgement
  • 5,000 Fragments for Thunderball Destruction
  • 2,000 Fragments for Electric Flash
  • 5,000 Fragments for Pole V2

This will cost you 19,500 Fragments which is quite expensive.


  • 500 Fragments for Magma Shower
  • 3,000 Fragments for Volcanic Assault
  • 4,000 Fragments for Great Magma Hound
  • 5,000 Fragments for Volcanic Storm
  • 2,000 Fragments for Beast Ride

For the complete awakening, magma costs you 14,500 Fragments.


  • 500 Fragments for Shift
  • 3,000 Fragments for Heavenly Impact
  • 4,000 Fragments for Light of Annihilation
  • 5,000 Fragments for Twilight of the Gods
  • 2,000 Fragments for Retribution Dash

This Blox Fruit will cost you 14,500 Fragments.


  • 500 Fragments for Desert Blade
  • 3,000 Fragments for Sand Coffin
  • 4,000 Fragments for Sandstorm
  • 5,000 Fragments for Deep Sand
  • 2,000 Fragments for Tornado Flight

Similar to Flame and Ice, this Blox Fruit also costs you 14,500 Fragments.


  • 500 Fragments for Cremation Cannon
  • 3,000 Fragments for Blue Flames
  • 4,000 Fragments for Flame Exodus
  • 5,000 Fragments for Blazing Plumage
  • 2,000 Fragments for Swift Flight
  • 4,000 Fragments for Tap

It will cost you almost 18,500 Fragments to awaken Phoenix fully.

Note: Phoenix involves more effort. You need to obtain mastery of 400+ on Bird. And you need to buy the raid chip from the Sick Scientist.

End Words

So, this is all about how to awaken fruit in Blox fruits. We have tried to clear your doubt in this article and if you still facing any lack of information issue then you can let us know in the below comment section.

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