How to Become a Slotomania VIP (Guide)

If you want a game that is compatible with both your Android and iOS devices, then Slotomania is the best option for you. There is a dedicated Facebook community and billions of players who play this game around the world. It is an extremely popular game with more than 100 winning combos. It naturally implies that every time you spin the reel you get a guaranteed reward. In this article, we will take you on a tour of “How to Become a Slotomania VIP”.

What is a Slotomania VIP?

Slotomania VIP is essentially a rewards program. There are practically 7 levels in this rewards program which provides its players with some mesmerizing benefits. The specialty of Slotomania Royal is that you can play this game on more than 100 machines. You get free access to tons of slot machines that are compatible with different themes that unlock gradually as and when you move ahead in the game. It is very hard to resist this game due to its many varieties of features.

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How to Install the Game?

There are fairly four easy steps to install the VIP version of this game:

  1. Go to Google Play Store (
  2. Search for Slotomania VIP
  3. Press the ‘Install’ button.
  4. Then, you are good to go!

iPhone users can download this app via iStore as well.

How to gain the Status of a Slotomania VIP Inner Circle Member?

The simple answer to this question is that you have to play the game frequently and on a regular basis. If you play the game often you will definitely reach VIP status and on top of that, you will garner many rewards.

There are a few levels or statuses that you have to cross to achieve the ultimate Black Diamond status in the game. They are namely:

  • Bronze Status
  • Silver Status
  • Gold Status
  • Platinum Status
  • Diamond Status
  • Royal Diamond Status
  • Black Diamond Status

1. Bronze Status

This is the status wherein you begin your Slotomania Royale expedition. You get a free reward of 250 coins on a daily basis. You also receive free gifts from friends worth 50 coins each.

To upgrade to Silver status all you need to do is gain 150 more SR points make a purchase or maybe just level yourself up.

2. Silver Status

On reaching this level you get double the Status points as compared to the Bronze level. You also get:

  1.  15% raise on the Mega Bonus Prize with Playtika rewards status
  2. 5x more Fan Page Gifts
  3. 3x more Share Post Gifts

Collect 4000 points to reach the next level.

3. Gold Status

You will receive the following benefits and more in the gold status:

  • A daily free gift of 100,000 coins.
  • A 20% increase on Mega Bonus Prize
  • 20x more Fan Page Gifts
  • 5x Share Post Gifts
  • 2000 coins with free gifts from friends.

The next is the Platinum level. After Platinum, you have to ace Diamond Status and Royal Diamond Status to reach the ultimate Black Diamond status.

4. Black Diamond Status

After earning  8,000,000 Status points you reach the ultimate Back Diamond Status in Slotomania VIP. The rewards are exclusive and unique.

What happens in BLACK DIAMOND stays here itself! Play for yourself to find it out. Until then, Happy Gaming! Follow for more articles like this.

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