How To Block Attacks In Coin Master

Collecting coins, constructing villages, levelling up, all this fills excitement in Coin Master players. Moreover, players like this game because of the hourly free spins that they get. But it feels like when someone attacks your village and loots your hard-earned coins and you end up struggling to get into upcoming events.

However, it is possible to block all those annoying attacks in Coin Master. Here, in this post, I’m going to share some tips on how to block attacks in coin master.

Who Can Attack Your Villages In Coin Master?

In Coin Master, both your friends and enemies are free to attack your villages. Undoubtedly, you can deploy a shield to protect your village from being looted by your friends. Also, you can protect your village from friends’ loot by feeding your pet rhino. Anyways, your opponents can still attack your village. “How to block attacks in Coin Master by your opponents”, I’m going to describe below. 

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How To Block Attacks In Coin Master- 5 Different Methods

Get Into The Ghost Mode

Coin Master also allows the players to play in ghost mode. In the ghost mode, you can protect your village from being attacked as none of the other players will notice you. Even if you are playing and are online, ghost mode will show you offline in other players’ lists. You can do this by playing without a Facebook connection.

Build Your Village Only If You Have Enough Coins

It sounds weird but not building your village unless you have enough coins is one of the most effective strategies to block attacks. This tip will give you two benefits. First, when your enemies attack you, they won’t find anything except empty land.

If they continuously attack twice or thrice and don’t find a village, chances are high that they won’t attack after that. Second, by the end, you will have so many coins which you can use in constructing a magnificent village and in events like Viking Quest. You must construct your village all at once, and you must know the total cost of the village. The price varies depending on the village.

Use Shields To Protect Village From Attacks

Play until you earn 3 shields then deploy those shields to protect your village. Again start playing and gain 3 shields. Thus, every time 3 shields will be protecting your village. Whenever you run out of shields, spin the wheel, regain those shields and start playing. Also, don’t forget to collect free daily spins.

Unfriend Or Block Your Friends | How To Block Attacks In Coin Master

Unfriending or blocking your friends from your Facebook account is another option to keep your community safe from attacks. Though this can become too personal, and players should not take it personally, most players do so to advance the village and keep it secure from raids.

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Ask Friends Not To Invade Your Village 

You’ll have only this choice if none of the other suggestions worked. Ask your friends not to attack you while you’re saving coins for an upcoming event or your next village. You can lower your odds of being assaulted by your friends by doing so.

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