How to Change Your Name in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape, known as OSRS, is a popular online game where you can make your own character and explore the world of Gielinor. One of the things you can do in OSRS is change your character’s name. People do this for different reasons, like wanting a more creative name or avoiding harassment from other players.

How to Change Your Name

  1. Open the Settings menu by clicking on the wrench icon.
  2. Click on the Chat & Notifications tab.
  3. Click on the Display name button.
  4. If you have a free name change available, it will say “Now” under the Next free name change label. If you don’t have a free name change available, it will show you how many days until your next free name change.
  5. Type in the new name you want to use in the Look-up name field.
  6. Click on the Lookup name button.
  7. If the name is available, it will say “Not taken” under the Status label. If the name is taken, it will say “Taken”.
  8. If the name is available, click on the Change name button.
  9. You will be asked to confirm your name change. Click on the Confirm button to change your name.
  10. You will be logged out of the game. Log back in to see your new name.


Changing your name in OSRS is a simple process that can be done using a Name Change Token or by paying 1,000 Runecoins. Just be sure to follow the restrictions in order to avoid any problems.

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