How to Cheat & Get HoloCure Coins💰(2023)

Holocure is a new and exciting blockchain-based game that allows players to cure virtual patients and earn cryptocurrency coins in the process. In this article, we will explore how to get coins in Holocure.

Before we dive into the various ways of earning coins, it’s important to understand what coins are used for in Holocure. Coins are the in-game currency that allows players to buy various items, such as new medical equipment, patient data, and other useful tools. Coins can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies on various exchanges.

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Now, let’s look at some ways to get coins in Holocure:

Cure patients: The primary way to earn coins in Holocure is by curing patients. Players can choose from a range of illnesses and diseases and treat their virtual patients by conducting virtual surgeries and administering medications. The more patients a player cures, the more coins they can earn.

Participate in tournaments: Holocure hosts regular tournaments where players can compete against each other to cure as many patients as possible. The top players in each tournament can win a significant number of coins.

Complete missions: Holocure also features various missions and challenges that players can complete to earn coins. These missions often require players to cure specific types of patients or use specific medical equipment.

Refer friends: Holocure offers a referral program where players can earn coins by inviting their friends to join the game. Players can earn a percentage of their friend’s earnings for a set period of time.

Buy coins: Lastly, players can also purchase coins directly from Holocure using their credit or debit cards, or through various cryptocurrency exchanges.


In conclusion, Holocure is an innovative game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency coins by curing virtual patients. By using the various methods outlined above, players can quickly accumulate coins that can be used to purchase new medical equipment and other valuable items in the game.

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