How to Complete Stardew Valley “Robin’s Lost Axe” Quest

This goes without saying that Stardew Valley is a strategic game that requires quite the skill sets. With some of the most real-life-based quests, you can easily spend countless hours, while enjoying the gameplay. But with such a massive map, the game can be intimidating at times. 

Not only it is time-consuming, but you can feel completely lost within the game as well. That is why, in this article, we are going to discuss how to complete Stardew Valley’s Story Quest, “Robin’s Lost Axe?”

When to Expect the Quest? 

To get the mission of “Robin’s Lost Axe” you actually have to reach the 11th day of spring. Based on your progress in the game, the actual date may drastically vary. But it is going to be almost around the same time when Robin will be asking you for a new Axe. 

Now make sure to read the description thoroughly as Robin has lost her axe, somewhere in the forest area, right at the south of Marnie’s Ranch. So, your mission is to find a way through the forest and seek her lost axe. 

How to Find Robin’s Lost Axe? 

In this section, we are going to discuss a step-by-step guide on finding Robin’s lost axe.

Step 1

how to complete Stardew Valley’s Story Quest

At first, reach Marnie’s Ranch by travelling South of your farm. You can actually go via a direct way if you don’t find chopping off some overgrowth right at the South. 

Step 2

how to complete Stardew Valley’s Story Quest

Your walk continues until you find a waterbody. Now walk towards the south of the water until you find the bridge to the east. 

Step 3

how to complete Stardew Valley’s Story Quest

Crossing the bridge will lead you to the forest. Within the trees, you can find a cliff ledge. Walk south to the ledge till you discover the Lost Axe. 

Step 4

how to complete Stardew Valley’s Story Quest

Take back the Axe to Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop, located the north of Pelican Town. 

What are the Rewards Involved? 

Bear in mind, that just like every other mission in Stardew Valley, you can expect some sort of reward after the completion of a given mission. Once you take the lost axe back to Robin, your mission will officially end. Check your Journal Passage, and you will find 250 gold waiting for you. 

Open your journal, in order to collect your reward. You can either press the J key on your keyboard to open the Journal or simply click over the exclamation mark over the total accumulated gold. Simply hover over the Quest ‘Robin’s Lost Axe’ and click on the reward. 

The Bottom Line

Bear in mind, that when it comes to retrieving Robin’s Axe, the overall quest is fairly easy to complete. So, once you are eligible to complete the quest, make sure to opt for it. It’s more like a free reward. And with our curated step-by-step guide, you can rest assured to complete the quest seamlessly. So, what are you waiting for? Let us know if you have unlocked ‘Robin’s Lost Axe yet. 

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