How to Disable Minecraft Narrator Key: Easy Way (2023)

Looking for how to turn off the narrator in Minecraft, you’re in the correct place.

There is no point in arguing that Minecraft has become one of the biggest games in the world. With over 200 million copies sold, this is certainly a game that’s going to stay for a very long time. That being said, Minecraft comes with a narrator feature that can come in handy at times. 

Just as the name suggests, it narrates things out of the chatbox, which can be pretty useful while starting out. But after some long sessions of gaming, you might wonder whether you need the narrator anymore or not. That is exactly why we have curated this article on how you can turn off the narrator in Minecraft. 

What are the Various Minecraft Narrator Settings? 

Once you have turned on Minecraft narrator, there are three different settings to choose from. These includes: 

  • System: Using this option, the narrator is only able to read system messages. 
  • Chat: Select chat and the narrator will read out anything that comes to your chatbox. Most effective while playing with others. 
  • All: This option narrates to just about anything, including system messages as well as chats.

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How to Disable Minecraft Narrator? 

There are actually two different ways in which you can disable Minecraft Narrator. If you feel like that constant voice narration is jeopardizing your gameplay, this is exactly what you need. Here’s how you can Disable the Minecraft narrator: 

1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts 

For everyone playing Minecraft on their PC, this is by far the easiest way to disable the narrator. Simply click ‘CTRL + B’ and you summon the Minecraft narrator command. Now, you won’t be able to instantly disable the same but will be greeted with various narrator commands. Simply change the toggle till you reach the ‘Off’ state. You will find the message ‘Narrator Disabled.

2. Disable from the Settings

Chances are you might be playing Minecraft other than on your PC. Under such circumstances, you might not find the keyboard shortcut as stated earlier. So, once you open the game, head over to the ‘Settings option right on the main screen. At the top left, choose the ‘Accessibility’ tab. Simply toggle off the option ‘Enable UI Screen Reader’ and you are good to go. 

The Bottom Line

So that was our curated guide on how you can disable the narrator in Minecraft. That being said, it doesn’t require much of a workaround in order to turn off the setting. Let us know which Minecraft tips and tricks you want us to cover next time. 

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