How To Dye Armor In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Among gamers across the world, Minecraft is undoubtedly more popular than other similar games. One of the major reasons is that it allows the players to transform their surroundings in the game in different ways. For instance, a player can create a garden with colourful flowers and other items. Also, Minecraft allows the players to dye the armour they have. Here, we are going to demonstrate how to dye armour in Minecraft.

Normally, beginner players don’t use dyes while playing Minecraft. Most of the time, they collect armor but hardly get any thought about making it colourful. Among all the types of armour, leather armour is the weakest armor type and players mostly tend to dye it in various colours. 

How to dye armor in Minecraft?” It also depends upon which version of Minecraft you are playing. Java Edition and Bedrock edition have different dyeing methods in Minecraft. However, it is easier in the Java edition as it comprises fewer steps compared to the Bedrock one. So, here’s a little primer on how to colour armor.

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Steps To Follow For Dyeing In The Java Edition

From the beginning itself, the Java edition has been an easy and beginner-friendly Minecraft version. Dyeing armor is also simple here and one can easily do it by following the steps given below:

  • First of all, get some leather armor to dye.
  • Open the crafting grid and place this leather armor into it.
  • Along with the leather armor, place a few dyes according to your wish.
  • With this combination, you will get coloured leather armor.

Different Types Of Dyes And Where To Find Them 

In all the versions of Minecraft, one can find most of the dyes from colourful flowers. Flower forest biomes are such spots in Minecraft where a player can find the colourful flowers of almost all the varieties. In total, there are 16 different colours available for dyes that a player can use to dye his armor. Those colours which could not be formed from flowers are created on a crafting table using rocks, vegetables, and various other flora. Also, one can try various combinations of already available dyes, and place them on the crafting table. Thus, as an output, dyes with different colours will be formed. 

Here are different colours of dyes that you will find in Minecraft. Where you will find those are also mentioned in the table below:

Color Of DyeWhere It Is Found
WhiteBonemeal, lily of the valley
BlackWither roses dropped by wither, Ink sacs from squids
Blue Lapis Lazuli (an ore from caves), cornflower
BrownCocoa beans in jungle biomes
Magenta Alliums, Lilacs
OrangeOrange Tulips
Light BlueBlue orchids
Yellow Sunflowers, Dandelion
Lime GreenSea Pickles (in warm ocean biomes)
PinkPeonies and Pink Tulips
Light GreyWhite Tulips, Oxeye Daisies, Azure Bluet
GreenCactus in desert biomes
RedRed Tulips, Roses, Beetroots
Different dye colours in Minecraft and where they are found

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How To Dye Armor In Minecraft In Bedrock Version

In the Bedrock version, first of all, a player needs to place a Cauldron. Then, fill it with water using a bucket. Put the color of dye into it and put the armour as well.

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