How to Find ATM Location in GTA 5: ATM Locations

Grand Theft Auto V, commonly known as GTA 5, is a popular action-adventure video game that allows players to engage in a wide range of criminal activities. One of the key features of the game is the ability to access ATM machines, which are located throughout the game world. These machines allow players to deposit and withdraw cash, which is essential for purchasing weapons, vehicles, and other useful items in the game.

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ATM’s Locations in GTA 5

Downtown Los Santos

  • Peaceful Street (at Quik House and Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter building)
  • Vespucci Boulevard (at Lombank Tower)
  • Vespucci Boulevard (at FLEECA branch)
  • San Andreas Avenue (at FIB Headquarters)
  • San Andreas Avenue (at Maison Ricard)
  • Power Street (at Union Depository)
  • Alta Street (at 707 Vespucci, corner of Vespucci Boulevard)
  • Elgin Avenue (at Escapism Travel branch)
  • Strawberry Avenue (at Robert Dazzler International Jewelry Exchange, corner of San Andreas Avenue)


  • Clinton Avenue (inside a 24/7)
  • Spanish Avenue (between Pop’s Pills and a public parking lot)
  • Eclipse Boulevard (at Hardcore Comic Store)
  • West Mirror Drive (inside a Limited Service convenience store)
  • West Mirror Drive (next to Chico’s Hypermarket)
  • Corner of Mirror Park Boulevard and Nikola Avenue (at a small shopping mall)
  • Corner of Hawick Avenue and Las Lagunas Boulevard (outside a liquor store)
  • Corner of Vinewood Boulevard and Power Street (at the Vinewood Mall souvenir gift shop)
  • Two sets within Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank on Vinewood Boulevard (after installation of the Heists Update)

Little Seoul

  • Corner of Palomino Avenue and San Andreas Avenue (at Little Seoul Tower)
  • Lindsay Circus (inside a Limited Service convenience store)
  • Vespucci Boulevard (next to a Kayton branch and Arirang Plaza)
  • Vespucci Boulevard (between Look-See and Blick stores)

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Del Perro

  • Prosperity Street Promenade (at the Astro Theaters)
  • Bay City Avenue (at Maze Bank branch)


  • Boulevard Del Perro (at the FLEECA branch, next to the BAWSAQ and Betta buildings)
  • Cougar Avenue (next to an International Online Unlimited branch)

Rockford Hills

  • Mad Wayne Thunder Drive (Lombank branch, corner of South Boulevard Del Perro)
  • Corner of Dorset Drive and Heritage Way (International Online Unlimited building)
  • Back entrance of Leopolds

South Los Santos

  • Corner of Grove Street and Davis Avenue (inside a Limited Service convenience store)


  • Route 1 (outside Rob’s Liquor and FLEECA branch).
  • Barbareno Road (at 24/7)
  • Ineseno Road (at 24/7)
  • Chumash Plaza (at Blaine County Savings Bank branch)

Paleto Bay

  • Great Ocean Highway (at RON filling station, next to Pop’s Pills)
  • Paleto Boulevard (near a liquor store and the Sheriff’s office)
  • Cascabel Avenue (at Blaine County Savings Bank branch)

Sandy Shores

  • Zancudo Avenue (Sandy Shores Medical Center)


  • Grapeseed Main Street (LTD Gasoline)

How to Find ATM Location in GTA 5?

If you are new to GTA 5 or are having trouble finding ATM locations, here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Check the Map: The first and most obvious way to find ATM locations in GTA 5 is to check the game map. The map displays all the important locations in the game, including ATMs. To access the map, simply press the ‘Pause’ button on your controller, or press the ‘M’ key on your keyboard if you are playing on a PC.
  2. Look for Banks: In addition to standalone ATMs, there are also several banks scattered throughout the game world that have ATMs inside. These banks are typically located in the downtown areas of Los Santos, the fictional city where the game takes place. Look for buildings with the word “Bank” written on them, and check inside for ATM machines.
  3. Explore Convenience Stores: Another common location for ATMs in GTA 5 is convenience stores. These stores are typically located in residential areas and can be identified by their bright signs and colourful storefronts. Look for stores with names like 24/7, Limited LTD, and Rob’s Liquor, and check inside for ATMs.
  4. Use Your Phone: In addition to the game map, you can also use your character’s phone to locate ATM machines. Simply open your phone and go to the Internet browser. From there, select the ‘Money and Services’ tab and then select ‘ATM Locations.’ This will bring up a map that shows all the ATM locations in the game.
  5. Ask NPC Characters: Finally, you can also ask NPC characters in the game for directions to the nearest ATM machine. Simply approach a pedestrian and press the button to initiate a conversation. Ask them where the nearest ATM is, and they will usually provide you with directions.

In conclusion, finding ATM locations in GTA 5 is an essential skill that every player should master. By using the game map, exploring banks and convenience stores, using your phone, and asking NPC characters, you should be able to locate ATM machines quickly and easily. Remember, having access to cash is essential for succeeding in the game, so make sure you keep your character’s wallet full at all times!

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